The Thomas/Alito Court Is Going To OBLITERATEs Roe & Casey!

todayJune 24, 2022

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From my, The New Christendom Substack

UPDATE: I published this 3 hours prior to Dobbs which was decided exactly as I aver here. Our Lady of Fatima, oremus! Most Scared Heart of Jesus (His feat day)! St john The Baptist, oremus!!

The SCOTUS has been in Catholic hands for much of the last half of this century and Our Lord has rued nearly every day of that accident of ‘Murican gubbmint and it’s faithless embarrassments. When the Dobbs decision comes out, Justice’s Thomas and Alito will erase that and maybe give Kavanope and the Notorious ACB some inspiration for how to read the Constitution and not sell their souls to “separation of Church and State” demons.


Ann Coulter reminded me this week that we got SCOTUS Justice Samuel Alito because of the Texas Good Ole Boy Network and the 3rd worst President in U.S. history Bush 43. GWB nominated the career hack Harriet Miers to replace the retiring Sandra Day O’Connor. When the laughter and embarrassment finally subsided, Bush was told to nominate a widely unknown Federal Judge, one Samuel Alito and despite the fake Catholic and public apostate, Ted Kennedy’s assurance that Alito would never be confirmed, Alito took his seat…and bided his time.

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In reading the Koch/Nash decision I was blown away by the incredible attention to a historical narrative that Thomas and Alito poured into the decision that struck down New York’s “just cause” public carry statute. This is no sop to the “Incorporation Doctrine” (though it is mentioned) decision, this is a tour de force of ‘Murican and English Common Law IN ‘Muricah, history and that is why I now know that the coming Dobb’s decision will be an utter and complete, legal, moral, 100 kiloton neutron bomb, dropped on the 7th level of Hell and it’s on-earth soon to be residents whose sacrament is Roe.

Read the whole Substack, here!

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