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The Mike Church Show World HQ

A Lobbyist a Day Keeps the FDA Away; certainly there must be a Cure?

NEW ORLEANS, La. In the never-ending attempt to control our lives via bureaucratic agents sent forth from Washington D.C. to eat out the substance of everyday Americans, Karen De Coster, reporting for Lew informs us FDA overlords are coming down hard on the latest threat to National Security; purveyors of elderberry wine.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, fresh off the heels of busting jihadist Raw Milk drinkers threatening the centrally-planned American way of life, it is time to once again break out the Mordor on the Potomac prayer rugs and thank our federal overlords for keeping us safe from scourges such as families selling rabbits, parmesan cheese, and elderberry wine.

Sounds to me like a prescription for rEVOLution.

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