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#EXIT-stage-[r]ight_3Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Of course, he was haranguing him because he dared to oppose the American civil religion, which is you do what you’re told when you’re in a situation and you can perpetuate the dynamic that is Big Sports, Big Business, Big Media.  You should just be thankful, Colin.  You’re not allowed to say no.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let us continue, shall we, with Joseph Pearce and “A New Political Party for Conservatives?”


Bernie Sanders might be an old-school socialist who still believes that Big Government needn’t become Big Brother, in spite of all historical evidence to the contrary, but at least he’s not an establishment marionette. Mr. Trump might be inept, tactless, and largely clueless, but at least, like Mr. Sanders, he has no strings attached. They show that it’s possible to break out of the asphyxiating grip of the plutocrats.

There is, however, another way that this twotalitarianism can be shaken and that’s through the supporting of other parties. Even if such parties have no chance of winning in this election, their growth might attract a maverick donor or a group of maverick donors to back such an option in the future. They will also serve as a powerful lobbying presence if they can gain enough popular momentum. Since this is so, I’d like to draw attention to the American Solidarity Party and its exciting platform, which bears all the hallmarks of the common sense solutions offered by Catholic social teaching, subsidiarity, distributism, and localism, all of which are so sorely needed in our beleaguered society and economy.

[private FP-Monthly|FP-Yearly|FP-Yearly-WLK|FP-Yearly-So76]

The American Solidarity Party (ASP) believes that political economy (economics) is a branch of political ethics, [Mike: Thank you! Where have I heard this before?] i.e. that economics is a derivative of philosophy. It, therefore, rejects all models of economic behavior based on greed or naked self-interest. Seeking to build an economy that is “fair, transparent, and democratic,” the ASP advocates models of production and distribution that are “local, responsible, and sustainable.” It supports “the creation of family-owned businesses” . . .

[end reading]

Mike:  Like this one.  The Crusade Channel, at the end of the day, is a family-owned business.  My family owns it.  If something happens to me, they will become the owners.  Yes, in the State of Louisiana, a right of succession state, it’s a family-owned business.  Again, we are not owned by some conglomerate, which is why it troubles some of our hearts who just see, with the great passion that so many of you throw into this endeavor, to just see that our numbers continue to be small.  It’s difficult to remain not in a state of despair.  Perhaps tomorrow will be the day that we’ll see the listener counter break all sorts of records on a Wisdom Wednesday.  The dam will be broken down.  We built it.  Where are you?  Back to Pearce and the American Solidarity Party.

Joseph Pearce[reading]

It supports “the creation of family-owned businesses and worker cooperatives,” opposing macroeconomic political regulations designed to inhibit competition from smaller firms. It calls for “the repeal of subsidies which encourage urban sprawl and discourage local farming and production.”

[end reading]

Mike:  I would say you should just repeal all subsidies.  I can’t think of anything that is grown that needs to be subsidized in the resource-rich North American continent.  It would seem to me that you should just call for an end to all subsidies, but, hey, I’ll take this for the time being.


Having declared its commitment to subsidiarity, distributism, and localism in the aforementioned policy platforms, the ASP also shows its commitment to dismantle corrupt and bureaucratic Big Government in its demand that funds generated by the Social Security program be used solely for the payments out to recipients, rather than the current use of such funds for other purposes. Nor does corrupt and self-serving Big Business escape the ASP’s attention. It calls for “increased oversight of the banking industry and personal accountability for fraudulent behavior.” It also seeks to tackle the corrupt collusion between Big Government and Big Business in its call for amendment of the Federal Reserve Act, enabling direct investment in public works.

For those of us that are weary of Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber the policies of the American Solidarity Party come as a breath of much-needed fresh air in the stale and suffocating atmosphere of contemporary politics. It will be good for all of us if the ASP prospers. Its voice is that of an all-too-rare common sense in the midst of the present uncommon madness.

[end reading]

Mike:  Let me just say to you, Joseph, the ASP, American Solidarity Party, is describing the business model of the Crusade Channel and the Veritas Radio Network.  It is describing part of the mission statement of the Veritas Radio Network and the Crusade Channel.  It’s describing the way that we try and carry it out locally – how do they describe it?  Local, responsible, and sustainable.  If their success mirrors ours, then, folks, we can look forward to the day in the year 3116 when the first alderman is elected from the American Solidarity Party.  It’s only going to take 1,000 years for us to get to 10,000 listeners.  By that time, there will be enough of a groundswell to elect an American Solidarity Party candidate.

Finally today, to the mailbox.  By the way, earlier today I watched Fox News do exactly what guest Matt Sheffield said last week on this program, which is elevate a member of the talk radio mafia and the conservative noise machine as an oracle, an oracle of nothing but the purest, unadulterated, white as the wind-driven snow truth.  When we put one of these guys on, this is what everybody ought to think, and the rest of the world is wrong for not thinking this way.  There is a majority of people out there that think the way Rush Limbaugh does.  All morning long I kept seeing clips of Rush Limbaugh haranguing Colin Kaepernick.

Of course, he was haranguing him because he dared to oppose the American civil religion, which is you do what you’re told when you’re in a situation and you can perpetuate the dynamic that is Big Sports, Big Business, Big Media.  You should just be thankful, Colin.  You’re not allowed to say no.  I would say that if Kaepernick wanted to actually advocate on behalf of poor minorities and those that are being disadvantaged and discriminated against and not treated as equal, he need look no further than all the blacks that are aborted every year.  In years gone by there have been almost a million.  In the coming year there will be somewhere in the order of 650,000 to 700,000.  If you’re looking for a disparity and a holocaust to try and avert and to deal with and do something about, try abortion, Colin.  I would recommend that.  Beyond that, what’s the big harm?


Wait a minute.  I thought we were all about dissent.  Didn’t Susan Sarandon and Mrs. Clinton tell everybody: We have a right to debate!  Listener Justin Spears, one of the frequent – they’re getting ready to remake the great movie The Magnificent Seven.  I’m going to make a movie dedicated to the 18 listeners that we have retained through the transition from the old station in the old country.  If you had to add a solitary member to since being here on the Crusade Channel, the Magnificent 18.  Justin Spears is one of those in the Magnificent 18.

“I wanted to address the Colin Kaepernick outrage.  I took to social media this weekend to try to express my thoughts that I felt Kaepernick was right to express his anger towards government.  I tried several times to communicate that I did not agree with BLM, Black Lives Matter, or Bureau of Land Management, equally evil and despicable.  That was more about civil disobedience and speaking out against yielding consent to a corrupt government.  I even had a brief exchange on Twitter with DC McAllister, who also divulged into calling Kaepernick a ‘d-bag.’  There are many points to this exercise, but the main takeaway I have from this is this: the American civil religion will not be mocked.  This is outrageous.  Could you imagine if the Church stood up and demonstrated as much Veritas_Radio_Nertwork_Bumper_Sticker_for_email_displayanger and vitriol when God is being mocked via the culture of death?  How many times are we told to keep your beliefs to yourself?  You can insult God with arrogance, conspicuous consumption, pride, and an overall sense of just destroying what God is for, but you better not dare desecrate an American idol.  Let me tell you something.  Wealthy football players that millions of people watch and hundreds of thousands of people own numbered jerseys of are part of the American civil religion.  Don’t make fun of that.  You can make fun of them individually, but not from the point of view of their position, you see.  You better conform and fall into order or you will be ostracized to the depths of hell.  [Mike: I would say, Justin, you may want to say you’ll be ostracized to the a sense of Heaven.]  We the Church should take notes from the ACR group and as you have so accurately stated, find out if Obamacare will cover a spinal transplant.  Thanks.  In Christ, Justin Spears, Founders Pass Member.”

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Justin, when you go against the American civil religion, the payback and the penalty is usually swift.  That is, it costs you money.  Look for that to be the next thing that is hurled or threatened to Colin Kaepernick.  [mocking] “We’re going to now knock you down a peg and we’re not going to pay you to endorse our product anymore because you dared to contravene the glorious model that we have set up for all that is the carrying out of the American civil religion.”

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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