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A Soviet Union of Our Very Own (Yea Stalin!)

A Soviet Union of Our Very Own (Yea Stalin!)

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine

What is the purpose of our Federal union under the Constitution? Well, if we take the opinion of the Obama White House, the purpose of the union is to provide 309 million lab rats for our federal masters to test out their theories on how to transform mere citizens into perfect servants of the state.

Take the case being made in Federal Court to defend ObamaCare. Hired hack Stephanie Cutter said yesterday that inactivity, which in this case consists of people not buying health insurance, affects interstate commerce because others will have to pay for the uninsureds health care. Now there are so many sick and twisted things wrong with this statement beginning with the fact that when someone incurs a debt whether its for medical care or auto repair, it is THEIR responsibility to repay that debt.

Taking Cutters logic to its practical ends also yields infinite possibilities then for the Federal government to regulate inactivity. What if our Federal Overlords determine that eating arugula lettuce is superior to eating iceberg lettuce because of the superior fiber content of arugula? Fiber is linked to colon cancer they tell us, so those eating iceberg lettuce will be more prone to colon cancer, will need costly treatments and will thus have an effect on interstate commerce. Dont laugh, arugula is Michelle Obamas vegetable of choice!

So, forcing citizens to make only government approved choices from the government approved suppliers has become the purpose of this union: our very own Soviet Union.

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