The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Advertise On The Veritas Radio Network & Grow Your Business

The above spot is just one sample of the radio advertising The Veritas Radio Network puts together for clients.
Mandeville, LA – The Veritas Radio Network offers robust and affordable advertising via our one of a kind 24/7 CRUSADE Channel Radio Station and our premier websites and Using recorded ads and LIVE ads performed during CRUSADE Channel Shows by Mike Church, Mark Kreslins and Suzanne Sherman. We offer complete advertising solutions from concept to recorded ad and on-site web banner and now with our apps for the Android phone, iPhone and Windows Phone we can also offer push notifications for special sales and promotions.

Download the Veritas Radio Network Advertising rate Card

Advertising revenues also insure the longevity of the Veritas Radio Network and because our business is a Distributist, Listener Owned Radio Enterprise, you are assured that our listeners will use your products and services when the need arises.

Our team of seasoned pros guarantees you best in the business delivery and production as well:
Our production team has over 50 years combined experience in the radio/audio production business and include the amazing voice of Mike McCann, a 40 year radio vet who has been the voice of so many stations and products a list is impossible to produce here for brevity's sake! Mike is also the voice man for the CRUSADE Channel.
• Mike Church has been doing talk radio since 1992 and has endorsed products from Sleep Number Beds, Harrys, Pro-Flowers to My Patriot Supply, Super Beets and Bulldog KIA. There's no other voice in radio broadcasting today that delivers an honest and motivational ad campaign.
• Mark Kreslins has been doing talk radio for nearly a decade and brings his homespun charm and honesty to your ad campaign.
• Suzanne Sherman is becoming a very popular voice in the rural stand ranchers and farmers are making against the rapacious BLM. Suzanne is an ACTUAL self-made frontiersman unlike many radio loudmouths, she lives the life of being prepared to go “off the grid” while living with it, cautiously.
• David Simpson is a well traveled  financial adviser who is a recovering attorney and brings his knowledge of finances and Catholic subsidiarity and solidarity traditions to his show and to your advertising.
•Jimm Mosher is one of the best independent record producers in the world today. Jimm brings 25 years of music business and and advertising business experience to our productions. Jim has produced every docu-drama and song Mike Church has ever put on air including the Road To Independence and the Spirit of 76. Jimm wrote all the music for Mike's 8 productions and he and his wife Jessica currently produce all the audio you hear on the Veritas Radio Network!

To learn more about advertising with the Veritas Radio Network send Candace Church an email or give us a call: 866-483-3833. You can also click this link to start your own banner ad campaign here at!

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