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Airlines Get the Best Deal Out Of the TSA

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – Three people standing in a room. First guysays – You know it’s an old wives tale that everything the FederalGovernment does involving money comes out of your pocket as atax-payer. Second guy says -That’s fine by me, without the assistanceof the Federal Government who would make sure of our safety in flight.The third guy stands up and punches the other two in the face saying"I’m Mike Church you knuckle-dragging-neanderthals, now shut up andlisten before America goes the Commie route."

With all the ruckusover the TSA fondling and groping America’s flying society, we seemedto overlook exactly where this basic issue stems from. The airlineshave a choice, they don’t have to let the TSA infiltrate every corridorand checkpoint throughout the entire airport, as an alternate they canchoose private security. But folks, if Leviathan’s going to foot thebill via the TSA, then why cough up the money to provide somethingalready provided. As soon as you purchase that ticket they’ve madetheir buck regardless if you porno scan it up or not. Sound fair?

Related Material: For more on this whole TSA nonsense check out this clip from the archives of The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM’s Patriot Channel: TSA: Getting To 2nd Base Has Never Been Easier

 2010 Mike Church Show

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