What Is The Alternative To The Legislative Process?

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Now the government in the 21st century is trying to say that the health and welfare of every living soul on the North American continent is now the legislative duty and responsibility of the government of the United States.  Some of us take great offense to that, see great danger in it, and do not want that principle, even though some have already surrendered on that principle when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

AG:  The question that Bruce raised, and it was interesting watching a little bit of Jake Tapper’s show yesterday.  He had on Tom Price outside the Capitol.  He did ask the question in a similar kind of way to what Bruce was saying.  This has been adjudicated.  It’s been deemed the law of the land.  By continuing to fight this, are you then saying if by chance in 2016 the Democrats only control the House and the Republicans have a man or woman in the White House and control of the Senate, are you then saying it’s all right for the Democrats to shut down the government if they say we need higher taxes and we’re unwilling to negotiate on that fact?  I have the interview and response from Tom Price here.

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Is Davis a Traitor? In Paperback, get it signed by the Editor!

Mike:  Let’s listen to it.

Patrick_Henry_American_Statesman_paperback_cover_DETAILAG:  The question is: Are you setting up the country for continued shutdowns by being so rigid in your stance on a law that has passed and ended up going all the way to the Supreme Court?

[start audio clip]

Tom Price: . . . a repeal bill and put forward a defund bill and put forward a delay bill. Those are three different compromises, if you will, for the president’s healthcare law, that we believe to be destructive not only to quality healthcare — as a physician, I can tell you it’s harming quality healthcare. It’s destructive to the economy and it’s destructive to small and large business.

Jake Tapper: Why is it a compromise for the funding of the government to go forward? Why is that you conceding something? Isn’t that just how this is supposed to work?

Price: The president has said himself, in fact he has used his unilateral authority, according to him — we believe some of it is overstretched — to delay or defund fully a fourth of the law already. We think it’s simply fair —

Tapper: He delayed the employer mandate?

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Price: The employer mandate, delayed the caps, actually said you don’t have to prove you’re eligible or a subsidy in order to get a subsidy. Those are simply things that say his law isn’t ready for primetime. We believe that in fact what he ought to say is that it’s not ready for primetime for the American people either. Again, it’s destructive to quality healthcare and it’s destructive to the economy. We ought not stand idly by and have that go into effect.

Tapper: Don’t you think you’re stepping on — you want to have this discussion about Obamacare, and I understand that. That is certainly a discussion worth having. Don’t you think that you are ruining that message by instead there are all these veterans who aren’t going to get benefits, all these people who work for the government who aren’t going to be able to work and pay the bills for their families? The American people are going to look, whether they blame both the Democrats and Republicans or just Republicans, I guess we’ll see, but we’re not talking about Obamacare. We’re talking about Republicans and Democrats and the government shutdown.

america-secede-or-die-t-shirtPrice: Jake, think about what the Republicans in the House have done. They have passed multiple pieces of legislation to fund the entire government, with the exception of a very small portion that the vast majority of American people believe ought not go into effect. That’s what the House Republicans have done.

Tapper: I don’t know where you get that. The last poll I saw had 54 percent of the American people opposing Obamacare, but 16 percent of them thought it wasn’t liberal enough. You can go back and forth on the percentage of the American people that are opposed to it. Let me ask you about a clean bill, because that’s what the Senate Democrats are saying: Give us a clean bill. Just fund the government for a few months without all this Obamacare stuff, without the defunding or delaying extraneous material. The speaker, John Boehner, said: No way, you guys aren’t going to do that. Aren’t there enough votes in the House to have a clean bill?

Price: I don’t believe so. In fact, I think what the House of Representatives, in representing their districts, is saying clearing, that we need to fund the entire federal government, there’s no doubt about it, but we need to make certain that we modify, at least minimally, the law that the American people do not desire to go into effect. The president has said to large business: You don’t have to comply with this law for the next year. We ought to say the same thing to every single American. If you’re going to give it to business, it’s only fair to give it to the American people.

[end audio clip]

Mike:  I get it.  A couple of things on that.  If what Tapper is saying is correct — by the way, that’s Dr. Tom Price.  He’s not just a member of the House of Representin’, AG.  You know that, right?  He is Dr. Tom Price.  He has just a bit of experience in the medical profession.  His opinion as a doctor, which would have been interesting for Tapper to ask him instead of just doting all over the question about Congress — but let’s deal with the Congress question and this idea that this is settled precedent.  I’m going to walk you through this little piece of history that ought to shed a little light on this.  I’m not comparing the two.  [mocking] “You can’t compare those two.  Those two are not comparable.”  You’re right, they’re not, but legislatively speaking, and if we’re going to go by the law that is the Constitution, it is.  I’m not comparing apples to oranges.  These are apples and apples.

Mike Church Show Transcript – GOP Says Medicare Good, Obamacare Bad, But Both Are Government-Run Healthcare

When the Constitution went into effect, after the compromise was made with the Rutledges of South Carolina, the deal that was brokered by Roger Sherman in the late days of the Federal Convention of 1787, it was agreed that nothing would be done about ending the slave trade in the United States.  The Constitution, even though it was brought up in a convention many times, even brought up by Ben Franklin, that the convention would not touch that.  They would leave the slave trade in place, and they did.  It was the law of the land.  It was legal.  It was part of the Constitution, whether you like it or not.  That is the fact, Jack.  Let’s just leave that as Exhibit A.  Slavery was legal.  It was codified under the Constitution.  It was left in the hands of the states, meaning it was not, by definition, illegal, and it was a power that was retained by the states.  We’re talking about 1787, in the year of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ 1787.

It would take a war that would kill 800,000 Americans, 800,000 dead, never coming back, entire Southern towns losing their populations, it would take that war 80 years later to alter that question in a constitutional sense, using the 13th and then the 14th Amendments.  The 13th Amendment, of course, altered the Constitution and abolished slavery, not the Emancipation Proclamation.  That was illegal.  It was an illegal act and Lincoln had no force in the Southern states because the Southern states weren’t part of the Union at the time.  They had seceded (hint, hint).  It wasn’t until the 13th Amendment was then accepted and ratified by the states joining or rejoining the Union that slavery became illegal.

republican-shirt-ifyouhavetoask1Should the people that said we need to abolish the heinous institution of slavery, should they have quit the endeavor?  Should they have surrendered the ground because the politics and the politicians weren’t on their side?  Or were they fighting for a morally-just cause?  Were they fighting for something that supersedes and trumps any basic principle of political discourse?  What if the abolitionists had folded all their tents up and said: So they set a law of the land.  Too bad.  Deal with it.  We have to live with it.  It’s precedent now.

Now the government in the 21st century is trying to say that the health and welfare of every living soul on the North American continent is now the legislative duty and responsibility of the government of the United States.  Some of us take great offense to that, see great danger in it, and do not want that principle, even though some have already surrendered on that principle when it comes to Medicare and Medicaid — that’s the next thing [mocking] “What about Medicare?”  Well, some of us still oppose that as well.  If a state wants to implement it, then they ought to.  To have the Constitution stand for that does great damage to it.  It does great damage to what a federation of states and a republican form of government is actually supposed to do here.

My answer to Jake Tapper’s protestation is you apparently are comfortable with and content and satisfied to live under an organization called the national government of the United States that is going to administer this now and forever.  Should the people that do not want to live under it, should they be compelled to?  What are you going to do, Jake?  What are you going to do if the legislative process fails, for God’s sake?  What’s happening here is that people are trying to do this in the manner in which the Constitution prescribes it.  You people are bitching about it?  Shut up!  And no, I would not, in the future, if a Democrat Congress says we’re using the taxing power and we say we have to balance the budget and in order to do so we’re going to have to tax more people using Article I, Section 8 taxing power, and if the American sheeple agree with that, they’re using the legislative process.  What is the alternative?

What’s the alternative to using the legislative process as prescribed by the Constitution and going through the House of Representin’?  This is what ought to drive you insane here.  What do they want us to do?  What’s the answer, Jake?  What’s the answer, Harry Reid?  What’s the answer, Al Sharpton?  What’s the answer, President Obama?  You want us to take to the streets and actually use all those weapons that we have been lining up and arming ourselves with?  Is that what you actually want?  Do you actually want a shooting war now?  Thank the Lord we’re using the legislative process and that people are at least attempting to be peaceful and civil about it.  Instead, people are saying [mocking] “You’re just a bunch of obstructionists.  You’re just a bunch of people trying to derail, trying to cause harm.”  No, we’re trying to prevent the harm from becoming institutional.

Mike Church Show Transcript – The Fate Of Obamacare Lies In The Hands Of State Legislatures

I answer that question by saying: Okay, the over 100 million people who do not want to live under what is known as the Affordable Care Act, where do they go for relief if you tell them the Supreme Court has settled it and you need to shut up?  Where do they go for relief?  It’s the same question.  Where do the soon-to-be-born children go for relief after the Supreme Court settled the question of abortion?  Over 50 million American citizens were not born thanks to the actions of that rotten, corrupt institution called the Supreme Court.  What are people of good conscience to do?  Well, the Supreme Court settled the question; I’m not going to complain.  I’m not going to raise my voice.  I’m not going to raise it loud from a rooftop ever again about pro-life issues or about the national government forcing me to pay for someone else to suck the life out, practically suck it out of a soon-to-be-born person.  You can’t have it both ways.  In other words, what we’re supposed to do as sheeple is just baa.  When our almighty federal overlords and all the East Coast elites on television and radio tell us to get down on our knees and obey, we’re supposed to just baa.  Citizen, obey your federal overlords or face certain doom!

End Mike Church Show Transcript



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