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America Land of Free or Home of the Enslaved?


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America Land of Free or Home of the Enslaved?

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

A new survey called Freedom In The States has been released by the Mercatus Center of George Mason University. The survey ranks the 50 states on economic and personal liberties with New York being the biggest slave state and New Hampshire being the most free. I live in Louisiana, ranked #35 thus I give it a new nickname Gulag on the Bayou.

The survey grades states according to their tax & regulation policies for economics and for personal freedom looks at drug and home schooling laws. The report is a reminder that even with a renewed awareness of our Founding underway there is so much ground to cover that in some states, the cause appears lost. But theres an even more salient message to the survey: Liberty has become a 4 letter word in all 50 states. Why? Well for starters there is still no state that has been so moved as to repel the TSA from its midst.

No state seems motivated to be the cause of separation from the federal department of education. No state feels so moved to stop accepting police department block grants and the Joint Task Force destructions of sovereignty that come with them. No state has kindly asked HUD to stop confiscating real estate and treating real estate agents as double agent spies who need fingerprinting and profiling to obtain licenses.

Then theres the painful fact that no state or federation of states have banded together to evict the ATF, DEA and FDA from prosecuting their war on drugs which currently fills up the states courts and jail cells with mostly, law abiding citizens run afoul of their governments wish to control their bodies. This is because federal money is drug stronger than any weed or powder and the 50 states that are slaves to it, cannot seem to kick the habit.

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