Americans Have Become Socialist; the Antithesis of the Founding Generation

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: Ladies and gentlemen, if you look at the cover of Newsweek magazine this week, I don’t have AG, see if you can find this for me. Somebody sent it to me last night, and I was just so exhausted yesterday I passed out with my MacBook in my hand. And I know that page is open because I was reading it, but I don’t have it here in front of me. Its a story about how the Founding Fathers were a bunch of creeps. These men are not to be embalmed or held high. They were a bunch of atheistic gamblers and what have you here. There was nothing extraordinary about them, so we should get over it.

This is when you know the left is in big trouble. This is when you know that libtard socialist progressives, after a hundred years of having it their way, are scared that people like Mike Church, and Ill throw him in there, people like Glenn Beck that are telling the actual tales of the Founders and what made republicanism so great and what made their forms of government so outstanding and why we were able to call ourselves once upon a time the greatest people, the greatest civilization ever. It was because our government respected and defended liberty. When you have liberty, and you have the protection of private property, the things that can be accomplished are limitless. We no longer have that. We did at one time.Is_Davis_A_Traitor_FEATURED

And as I was talking about to Winston Elliott yesterday, it wasn’t so much that the founders Jefferson wasn’t a philosopher. He never said he was a philosopher. But the Founders were the most educated of all generations. And it wasn’t just the American Founders. The European Founders were educated, too. They just did different things with their education. But they stacked the great stories of antiquity. They stacked the great quotes of antiquity. They analyzed and looked at the models of government and why they had failed or what they did right. And they put these things together. They weren’t really inventing anything other than they were cobbling together the experience of humankind and trying to make sense of it all.

Liberty Exists Without The Government’s Permission

This is what Henry and Washington and Adams and Jefferson and Chase and Caesar Rodney and William Franklin and Elbridge Gerry and John Hancock and Carter Braxton and George Mason and just name and George Wythe, name your Founder. John Witherspoon. This is what they were doing. They were saying all experience matter of fact, this is in the Declaration. All experience hath shown. And so they were writing a report, basically, on all of human experience. And because they had liberty, and they were at just a fortuitous moment in time where they could choose any direction they wanted to go for the first time ever ever armed with that kind of knowledge, and they chose the course of liberty. They chose to try and secure liberty. And being good students of John Locke, they chose to try and secure private property and to make it sacred and to defend it with their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.

That’s what separates us from the founding generation. We have an opportunity right now. Our government is dissolved. It is about to collapse. At every level. We don’t have governments, we have crime families. We have massive redistribution of wealth on a scale unseen in the annals of human civilization, in the annals of the history of the known universe. This will lead to tears. Its like the young man in South Carolina. We have told entire generations of youth that you don’t have to worry about traditions. Don’t follow traditions. Don’t seek the good life. Seek the life of Gaga. Seek the life of Van Halen. Seek the life of Morrison. Why, seek the life of lesbianism. Seek the life of homosexuality. Seek the life of bisexuality or whatever. Just do it. Be free.

road-to-independence-BH-RTIDE2-detailWell, with great freedom comes great responsibility. And the only reason we were ever free and safeguarded our liberty is because we had institutions. The only reason we had institutions is because they were founded on something, and they meant something. Well, they don’t mean much anymore. They are subject to review. They’re subject to the latest tweet. And this is why, ladies and gentlemen, this oh, here’s the story: The Founding Fathers, Unzipped. The Constitutions framers were flawed like today’s politicians, so its high time we stop embalming them in infallibility. Nobody said they were infallible, sir. And to compare Jefferson and by the way, you imbecile, Jefferson was nowhere to be found at the time of the Constitution, he was in France, stupid. To compare Madison to Dick Durbin? I mean, ladies and gentlemen, Id convene a libel trial right now if I were the heirs of James Madison.

But ladies and gentlemen, it is undeniable that we have lost our way. We’ve lost our way. I was listening AG, did you watch Special Report last night? Bret Baier was in Iowa. And Iowa is all the talk. Did you see any of it?

AG: I did not catch that.

Mike: He was in Iowa. He was at a diner. And he had a bunch of people in there. He had three journalists that were locals that were covering the Iowa Caucus, or going to cover the Iowa Straw Poll first and next debate, which we will cover. You know, AG, I think we should go to Iowa. I really do. I was inspired…

AG: I’m in. Ive never been there.

Mike Church Show Transcript – NSA And Congress Aren’t Too Happy With The Peasantry Knowing The Truth

Mike: I was inspired this morning to ask Dave Gorab if he would send you and I to Iowa for the next Fox News debate. I want to go talk to you Iowans and find out what in the hell is wrong with you. So I’m listening to these people droning on about whats on the mind of Iowans. Why, whats on the mind of Iowans is economics and jobs. I don’t know about you, and I’m going to talk about jobs today, but Ive about had it with all the talk and the discussion of jobs. This is not very hard to figure out. Why aren’t there any more jobs? Because government confiscates the money and divvies it up to people that have bought favor or are part of an aggrieved class. That’s why there aren’t any jobs.

Well, how do we stop this? Do we have less of this? Oh, no, you think? Stop stealing. Stop redistributing. Stop running debts up. Stop confiscating private capital for public use. No one wants to do this. And the people that claim, why, we want to hear candidates talk about economics, why do you want to hear a President talk about economics? If the point is that the President runs the economy, well, then, were already at Nazi Germany. Were just pre-, were pre-Nazi. Were Germany 1936. Were just not Nazis yet. We can get there if we all put an effort into it. We can get there. That’s my Fourth of July message to you. We can either I say we either go full-bore socialist radical and just get it over with and spare our children the ignominious fate of having to suffer through this quasi-national socialism, or we reverse this course and we end the wealth redistribution tomorrow. Declare war on sloth, declare war on theft, and just stop it.

So were at a crossroads here. All these people are talking about, oh, I want to hear a candidate, I want a republican-shirt-ifyouhavetoaskPresident to talk about economics, I want him to save me, I want him to fix the economy. If you want a President to fix the economy, unless you want him to fix it by undoing the damage that has been done, then you are a socialist. Let me repeat that to you. If you want a President to fix or run the economy so it creates jobs for your skanky ass, then you are a socialist. You are a proponent and a believer in central economic planning.

So just call yourself what you are. You’re a good little socialist. And I’m perfectly comfortable with that as long as you admit it. Stop denying it and just jump all in because we don’t have centrally planned economies in free societies. If we do, then were not a free society. We are a society of mind-numb numbered robots. We go where were told. We do what were told to do. And we do it when were told to do it. And were good at it. So lets just get it over with, shall we? Either that or stop insulting the intelligent good people of these United States that don’t want to be socialists any longer and that don’t want a President who’s going to centrally plan and run their economy and wipe their behinds for them and their children and wants a President and a Congress and a state legislature that is going to undo the damage that they have done.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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