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Americas Public Schools – Practicing the Dark Art Of Delusion Since 1945

2011 Mike Church

Delusion; this is the word of the day that I will now use in a sentence to establish my argument. Citizens of these United States suffer under the delusion that their public institutions can be reformed and then become successful. For the concept that anything called public could ever outperform or surpass its free market counterpart was itself a delusion forced down our throats by delusional utopians who didnt like our grandparents or their way of life very much.

Todays delusion du jour is the revelation that public school teachers and faculty in Atlanta have been cheating to achieve higher test scores. This is only revelatory for those suffering the delusion that public education can produce anything other than what all public institutions produce: waste, fraud, inefficiency and an ever expanding appetite for public money. Whats even worse is that in their delusion, the citizens of Atlanta never seemed to notice just how uneducated their children were becoming! Ditto that for Atlanta business owners and civic leaders.

The only possible explanation for this ignorance of ignorance lies in the fact that education stopped being about education so long ago that any thing that is presented as educational, if it can be tested then graded, must be educational. Folks today dont ever seem to have learned that Plato wasnt a benign color from a brand of childrens modeling clay or that to the Greeks, mythology wasnt make believe it was their religion. But in Atlanta, as in all major American cities the religion of choice today is a government that spends the future earnings of the current generation serving sentences in those public schools. But dont worry because theyre getting an education. Now THAT is a delusion.

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