America’s Yewts Prefer Secession To Perpetual Union

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Mandeville, LA  – The secession movement is gaining steam and winning converts. This is the natural result of the obvious embarrassing disfunction of our federal government and its beligerence to financial responsibility. After all what other remedy is left to those who view our current crisis as a moral & mortal threat to their liberties and their posterity’s very survival as free people? Donald Livingston, author of “Rethinking the American Union” writes:

I attach as a PDF a the results of a poll conducted by Public Policy Poll which Wikipedia characterized as “Democratic-leaning and accurate. “

On December 6 the organization released a post election survey that among other questions probed the national appetite for secession. The relevant pages are 3, 9, 12, 19 and 22.

To me here are the interesting to remarkable findings

As respondents often opt for the less antagonistic associations I combined “somewhat ” and “very” conservative and “support” and “not sure.” I did the same for liberal.

Secession is viewed positively/sympatherically by:

46% of hispanics, 14 million, and 31% of whites, 49 million. We need to crank this irredentist sentimentr into our calculations.

50% of conservatives. This is by far the most support from by far the largest group, 41 million, of ideological supporters. By comparison 19% of liberals, 14 million, fall into this category.

35% of women and only 29% of men. We should discard the notion that women cannot be recruited.

50% of 18-29 year olds We need to hunt where the ducks are.

Yes, let’s hunt where the ducks are and also observe that for once the pathetic state of American education actually works in society’s favor. The reason the young seem more receptive is they have not had as many years of “American Exceptionalism” and Lincoln’s nationalism drilled into their heads.

Here is the .pdf of PPP’s Secession Poll, read it and share.

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Written by: TheKingDude

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Wil Shrader Jr.

The link for the PDF does not work for me.

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