The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

And Who Shall Lead? The 3rd Party Wrecking Ball That Is RFK Jr!

The rumor is RFK Jr intends to leave the Demoncrat party and run as a third party candidate. Mike Church says the Demoncrat party should be worried if he decides to run as a Libertarian. RFK Jr., has the ability to peel away democrat voters, and he appeals to independent voters.  All of this opens the path to a Trump victory, and the Demoncrats know it. That is why they keep the president tied up in court.  Mike will give you the details of how this affects the demoncrats, and what states could possible go to RFK Jr.  He also explores the past of RFK Jr, and how five years ago, he would not have listened to a word Kennedy would say.  Listen to this episode of the New Christendom Daily for why Demoncrats should be worried.




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