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Another Spending Cut For The Table: Social Security

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – When it comes to political news since the November 2nd electionwe’ve heard a lot of different stories and topics, heard from plenty ofpoliticians of both sides, heard from plenty pundits from both sides,and dissected damn near everything Barack Obama, Nazi Pelosi, JohnBoehner and Mitchy & The Boys have uttered.

But the one topic thatremains fresh yet dated on everyone’s menu is the idea of a balancedbudget. Underneath a balanced budget, with a little asterisknext to it that denotes ‘please deal with’ is the issue of SocialSecurity. We’re going to have to have a serious discussion regardingSocial Security and that discussion should go somewhere along the linesof an ‘option’.

That’s right, we said it. Yes, it’s tough for Leviathanto give it’s prisoners…sorry, citizens the option to choose becausefor so long caring for society has been transferred to Federal Gubbmintrather than being in charge of your own health and wealth – after allpeople it is yours, and do you want an institution that can’t delivermail without racking up trillions of dollars in debt to really be theones helping you out when it comes time to start putting some moneyaway for a rainy day?

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Related Material: For some more rhetoric on the onslaught ofBig Gubbmint and all things Founding Fathers here’s some archived clipsfrom The Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM’s Patriot Channel;:

Founders Wouldn’t Go For Pooling Money, That’s Socialism! 

2011 Mike Church Show 

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