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Are We Bombing Libya To Conceal That $26 Billion We Gave Them In Bailouts?

2011 Mike Church

Hey folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine

Will the last DeceptiCON standing go to their demise still fully in support of Obamas Un-Constitutional, Libyan war now that the real motivation for it seems to be money-OUR money? Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone Magazine reports today that of the 21,000 entities conferred status as too big to fail back in the Fall of 2008 one of those was Libyas Central Bank.

Taibbi stumbled on the story after the U.S. Senates only Socialist, Bernie Sanders, blew the whistle that something was not right about the names he was seeing on the Federal Reservess bailout list. One of those names was the ABC Bank or Arab Banking Corporation which Taibbi discovered was 59% owned by. If you guessed Warren Buffet, put your Libtardian dunce cap on. If you guessed Libya, move to the front of the class.

Heres where the corruption turns to a rotting corpse-the ABC bank is exempted from the economic sanctions Obama and his UN buddies put on Libya AND, if thats not bad enough, the bank operates with 2 branches located smack dab in the middle of New York City.

This story should be the end of The United Statess dance with central banking, but folks would have to learn about it first, and there is NCAA basketball championship game tonight.

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