The Mike Church Show World HQ
The Mike Church Show World HQ

Austrian School Economist Jim Grant: If I had $118 Million in Dollars I’d Buy The Van Gogh Too

TIC: What is the proper role of military in a REPUBLIC? The answer will surprise the DeceptiCON but please the [r]epublican

Ron Paul at 76 years old, continues his youthful campaign for Liberty & the Constitution, speaking to massive crowds in CA

James Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer says that if he had $118 million dollar bills he would happily trade them for the Van Gogh “Scream” painting which will hold its value far beyond the doomed dollar

Hey Sheperd! Stop the clowns and balloon celebrations for the “recovery” and read what is ACTUALLY going on, we are in year 4 of Japan’s 21 year (YEAR) recession

VIDEO: The BLS number is a worthless, useless, non-educated guess as to what the UE rate is, Charles Biderman explains that we CAN know the REAL UE rate and he explains it all in 4 minutes

Gallup has their latest survey of the Unemployed and the numbers do NOT look good enough to make Sheperd Smith do those back handsprings over the joyous news

I don’t know about you but I am so glad the “war on drugs” and the DEA that enforces it is on the job busting college kids getting stoned and then throwing them in jail cells unattended for 5 days-the 8th Amendment ACTUALLY applies here!

Hey McCAin, Rubio, Graham & Obama! Osama bin Laden LOVED him some Arab Spring riots and leadership changes and… well pretty much everything YOU guys loved

CNN: If the union-“we have access by divine right to EVERYONE’S earnings”-hacks prevail in WI it will be open season on the productive, of course if they fail it will be open season on___________

Everything you ever wanted to know about M.E. Bradford but were afraid to check out the books and read, to discover your entire life of learning American history has basically been a fraud, but enlightenment, and Original Intent are yours through Bradford by Marshall DeRosa

NOW the Industrial News Complex has an interest in Ron Paul as in “What the devil is he up to!? The campaign is over and Romney was coronated you old coot!”

Cleveland bridge-bomb plot was yet another caper enabled and setup by the FBI so they could make the arrest and the Heritage Foundation is in support of ubiquitous federal efforts like this!? good grief

I don’t think Pope Benedict was talking about a “smaller church” in the sense of numbers so much as in the sense of practitioners of the extraordinary rites

Oh myyyy, I may have been too effusive in praise for David Axelrod if THIS is the campaign propaganda Obama will be cranking out – Folks this is right out of President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho’s re-election bid in “Idiocracy” – Behold Obama’s “Life of Julia”

My buddy Michael Walsh’s hysterical take on “Julia”

Ooops, so the TN Governor is going to VETO the bill that would make Vanderbilt U, consumer and suckler on government feet, practice religious liberty with Christians – TN knows what they need to do with this governor don’t they?

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