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Baby Killers Celebrate “Personhood Amendments” Failure-Heaven Lights “Vacancy” Sign

Mandeville, LA –  A civilization that preens with macabre joy at human life being called something other than human is doomed to have no human life worth defending. Witness the sick joy the ACLU lauds voters in Colorado and North Dakota for rejecting “Personhood Amendments”.

“For the third time, Colorado voters have said loud and clear: We don’t want extremists interfering in our personal and private decisions, and we won’t stand for attempts to ban abortion,” said Jennifer Dalven, director of the American Civil Liberties Union Reproductive Freedom Project. “This isn’t surprising: Voters in Mississippi, South Dakota, Florida and other states defeated attempts to curb access to safe, legal abortion. Time and time again, Americans have shown that they support a woman’s right to make the best decision for herself and her family.”

The Popes, being the Vicar de Christe (voice of Christ) have repeated the admonishment that “life begins at conception”, these people are thus claiming that followers of Christ, nay, Our Lord himself & his Blessed Trinity, are “extremists.

I fully expect the same vendors that sell kits to celebrate divorce will soon sell “Free From Child” party packs complete with a bottle of tequila and a sample bag of Viagara tablets so the celebrants can “ride that ride again”. For those that think opposition to this atrocity is of modern creation, St Augustine was writing about it in the 4th century, with authority.

“In like manner, therefore, the marriage of believers converts to the use of righteousness that carnal concupiscence by which the flesh lusts against the Spirit. Galatians 5:17 For they entertain the firm purpose of generating offspring to be regenerated— that the children who are born of them as children of the world may be born again and become sons of God. Wherefore all parents who do not beget children with this intention, this will, this purpose, of transferring them from being members of the first man into being members of Christ, but boast as unbelieving parents over unbelieving children—however circumspect they be in their cohabitation, studiously limiting it to the begetting of children—really have no conjugal chastity in themselves. For inasmuch as chastity is a virtue, hating unchastity as its contrary vice, and as all the virtues (even those whose operation is by means of the body) have their seat in the soul, how can the body be in any true sense said to be chaste, when the soul itself is committing fornication against the true God?”[1]

[1]. On Marriage and Concupiscence (Book I), St Augustine, Ch 5

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