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Bachmann Promises $2.00 Gallon Gas-Does That Mean $800 Gold Too?!

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NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana — Michele Bachmann announced that once elected she would see that the price of gasoline is lowered to under $2.00. Why is she making phoney baloney campaign promises that make her sound likea hack? Stick to The Constitution and Free Markets!

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: You know, something else interesting happened yesterday. I know a lot of you are wedded and are enthusiastic about the Michele Bachmann for President campaign. Do we have the digital media file of her trying to pull an Obama?

AG: We do have that ready.

Mike: Yeah. Instead of promising to stop the seas from rising, like Obama did, [mimicking Obama] And if we do these things, the dead will walk, the sick will be healed, the unemployment, jobs…. You remember that speech, it was from Minneapolis at the end of the Democrat primary, Democrat nominating primary season, when Mrs. Clinton had mailed it in, or was about to mail it in, and he was going to become the nominee. I have it somewhere here in the archives. Well, heres Ms. Bachmann yesterday promising $2 a gallon gas.

Now, this seems to me to be one of these things that politicians love to hand out on the stump, but have no intention, and theres no way to actually get to this. Now, you may say that we can regain control of our domestic energy supplies. We can regain control of the private property that holds, or remake it or make it into private property that holds the energy supplies oil, gas, what have you there. You may say that. And, yes, in an actual free market for the exchange of petroleum and fossil fuels, yeah, I believe the price would go down drastically. Would it go down to $2? I dont know. So this is Ms. Bachmann yesterday making a, I think, tawdry campaign promise. Listen:

[Clip] Rep. Bachmann: The day that the President became President, gasoline was $1.79 a gallon. Look at what it is today. Under President Bachmann, you will see gasoline come down below $2 a gallon again. That will happen.

Mike: Under President Bachmann you will see gasoline. Now, what if the price of gasoline is not just a supply-and-demand equation here? Ask Ms. Bachmann if the price of gold is going to go back down AG, what was the price of gold? Get a four-year graph out at your favorite financial place and tell me what the price of gold was the day Obama was inaugurated. Wouldnt you also then be able to make the same claim and to assert the same thing? And its a little gold and oil are a little different. Not much, but a little different. There is a supply and demand and some political considerations in the price of oil. But isnt that like saying that, under a President Bachmann, youre going to get the price of gold back down to $750 an ounce? Is that something that you can actually make happen? Is it something that you want to happen? 1-866-95-PATRIOT. Its an awful lot like, [mimicking Obama]


And the sea levels will stop rising, and the dead will walk. Ive got to find that speech. I know I have it here in the archives.

Theres another part of all of this electronic media here, and the insatiable desire, it seems, to have any result other than the actual result that you desire. Now, if you actually want to get back to the Constitution lets go over this again. If you actually want sound, hard money; if you want your savings to be safe and secure because the government is not printing money and devaluing the currency; if you actually want adherence to the Constitution; if you actually want to end much of the empire overseas, bring the troops home, stop waging these wars and all these things, well, theres already a candidate thats in the race for the presidency thats going to bring this about. But thats not good enough.

You see, DeceptiConia out there is deceiving itself. There is no candidate out there that is todays political savior, when we still have tomorrows dream boat. And what I mean by that was before Rick Perry got into the race for the Republican presidential nomination, the Internet, why, the chatrooms, the electronic media, the commentariat, the industrial news complex was all abuzz about the entrance of Governor Perry. Why, he created all these jobs in Texas. Why, he is a federalist. Why, he doesnt like the Federal Reserve, and on and on and on here. And now that Perrys in the race, whats happened? Well, thats not good enough. Well, what we really need to make this a good race is if Paul Ryan got in. Yeah, yeah, if Paul Ryan gets in, then itll be a then really itll be a race.

Well, what happens after Paul Ryan is compelled or embarrassed into getting in next week by Rich Lowry at the National Review? What happens then? Well, and then the clamor will turn to Chris Christie. Well, its not a real race until Chris Christie gets in. Then well really have a savior because he actually did it in New Jersey. Thats right, Mr. Church, and you just wait. Wait until Scott Brown gets in. We need Scott Brown to run for President, Mr. Church, because Scott Browns gonna do it. And then what happens after Chris Christie gets in? You know whats going to happen then? Theyll start pining away, and theyll start demanding, well get right back to the Draft Mitch Daniels or the Draft Bobby Jindal campaign.

I mean, its all just part of the same sickness. Its a sickness here. Lets not actually do anything about our problems. Lets continue to dream about the possible. Lets continue to dream about the things that could be. And thats why the bloom is already off the Perry rose. Youve got Karl Rove out there, of all people, Well, I dont think that Perry ought to be out there talking like this. Theres a piece in the American Conservative magazine about this, Clamoring for Political Saviors by Daniel Larison. And he writes this: Before they enter, the would-be candidates flaws are minimized or ignored, or they are treated as the reason why they should be candidates (see Ryan and Medicare reform), and then after they jump in we hear many of the same people lamenting how unfortunate it is that the field is full of so many seriously flawed candidates.

Im surprised that the morning and midday shows on Fox News are not all clamoring for Sarah Palin right now. Well, weve got Governor Perry in this thing. Lets get Sarah Palin in there. And the point is, is that if youre clamoring for these things like the Constitution and all that, well, there is a candidate in the race thats promised to do exactly that. But you people are, Aw, well, not that cand- we dont want that candidate. It is an amazing epic in human history to watch, is it not?

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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