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todayMay 10, 2011 2

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    Backstabbers Aren TheKingDude

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    Backstabbers Aren TheKingDude

Backstabbers Arent Just OJays Songs Anymore

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine

The Tea Party defections are starting to mount as it becomes clear that there is nothing anyone can do to fix Washington. Representative Allen West who is widely admired and respected as a conservative leader in the Tea Party movement has chosen to vote against a bill that withholds funding for ObamaCare saying that he is saving his fire for greater battles ahead and thats the problem. It seems there is ALWAYS another fight down the road or around the corner that conservatives promise to be all in for. Alas, all this does is keep the hope alive that electing more Republicans will get the good ship Tomorrow into the port of Constitutional obedience.

Combine this with dozens of other Tea Party defections and then top off your BackStabbers Delight with Speaker John Boehner running the surrender flag up the ol lifting the debt ceiling flagpole and you have a recipe for frustration. What strikes me as even more galling is the lack of leadership when it comes to running the Congress as the Constitution demands. The Constitution gives Congress undeniable power to undo previous mischievous acts by simply not funding the transgression but on this sinking ship U.S Titanic there are no captains with the foghorns to do that.

Congress also has the responsibility to deal with abuses of power by using its impeachment power and finally reigning in 100 plus years of Presidential malfeasance as unilateral war makers which President Obama is certainly ripe for. But the Status Quo Quartet isnt singing from that hymnal.

This is all to be expected in the new American Empire which is woefully short of Luke Skywalkers.

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Written by: TheKingDude

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