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A Banana Republic Would Have The Good Sense to Shut Itself Down

Mandevill, LA – Church Doctrine Video – If the media hyped “government shutdown” ever becomes a movie, I think it should be called Bride of NOT-Frank-enstein because of the 535 member Congress are but a handful who will deal frankly with the issues at hand. The self-made, “shutdown” narrative promoted by “the media” is that “our nation” is on the precipe of improving the lives of all humanity through the dark art of government run medical insurance if we will only find the political will to embrace ObamaCare. You see, there is NOTHING our once great and limited federal government cannot and should not attempt to do. Since all of Earth’s problems, from endangered guppies to global temperature control can be solved by 3 forces: Congress voting, Congress counterfeiting money and Congress’s allies in media cheerleading; providing personalized quality care for the North American continent is but child’s play.

Is Davis a Traitor? In Paperback, get it signed by the Editor!
Is Davis a Traitor? In Paperback, get it signed by the Editor!

Patrick_Henry_American_Statesman_paperback_cover_DETAILWhat those media imbeciles refuse to tell you is that the credit card Congress has been using to finance its past triumphs like Social Security and Medicare is $222 TRILLION in the red.1 I recently heard the Senate’s leader of this faux, “government shutdown” insanity, call the U.S. a “banana republic” for “threatening to not pay it’s bills.” Let’s be clear, to call the United States a banana republic is an insult to banana republics because they don’t extend the misery of their corruption to the next 13 generations to repay.

Today I heard California Senator Barbara Boxer howling about that state’s 169,000 federal employees who will be “harmed” by the shutdown. To put that in perspective, if we located all 169,000 to one town and called it Parasite-istan, it would be the 25th largest city in the state2 and yet Boxer & company plead for more?

Like the glutton from the famous Canterbury Tales the deadly, government-gorging will resume to media cheers when the “shutdown” ends. “But truly, he that such delights entice Is dead while yet he wallows in this vice.”3


Kotlikoff, Laurence, Real Clear Politics website. “RealClearPolicy: Cox and Archer argue that the U.S.’s underlying debt is much higher than the officially stated debt of $16 trillion. They argue that if you add up the unfunded obligations the government has — to Social Security, Medicare, federal workers’ pensions, and so on — the real debt is about $87 trillion. Can that be right? Kotlikoff: That’s wrong. It’s $222 trillion. That’s what we economists call the fiscal gap. I don’t know what those guys are looking at, but we economists do it a certain way. We’re not politicians. We’re just doing it the way our theory says to do it. What you have to do is look at the present value of all the expenditures now through the end of time. All projected expenditures, including servicing the official debt. And you subtract all the projected taxes. The present value of the difference is $222 trillion.


3. Chaucer, Geoffrey, Pardoners Tale, The, c. 1200


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If these numbers are correct (I’ve heard similar numbers), what is the end game? We are way past downsizing the government to close this gap. Where does this lead? I’m not sure what both parties are working towards but it’s not limited government and fiscal responsibility. I think maybe the immigration debate is more than just an angle for a voting block for any political party. Power consolidation is a goal but I also think behind close doors both parties might see the influx of 12 million new tax payers as a fiscal stall tactic in hopes of putting off the time they’ll have to tell the citizens the truth, were broke. Unfortunately most of the 12 million will not be paying net taxes beyond local and state sales tax.

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