Barbaric "Twin Killing" Abortions

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Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike: I have the story here about the twin killings because you people probably, Oh, youre making that up just to shock people. No, Im not. Ruth Padawer in The New York Slimes chronicles the surge of twin killings, or reductions, as the Cary Bradshaw crowd likes to call them. You people just make me retch. The self-serving bourgeois liberals, as George Carlin once called them, theyre the scourge of the earth. Listen to this. This is sick. You hear me? Sick.

Modern fertility treatments, writes Nancy French at National Review Online, Modern fertility treatments have created so many multi-infant pregnancies that the demand for abortions in high-risk situations has skyrocketed. As a result, women who appear desperate to have children, but to have those children completely on their own terms are increasingly killing one baby in utero, even if they are only carrying twins. Far from being deemed necessary for the health of the mother, these twin reductions, theyre calling them, are being performed for pure personal convenience.

Let me say to you that we dont deserve to survive as a civilization when we have women claiming that they want to be mothers, Oh, but I only want to be a mother of one. Well, you selfish wench, youre going to go get in vitro and then youre going to go get in utero fertilization and then youre going to determine that, oh, well, its an inconvenience for me to have two. I only want to have one. Get rid of the other one. Again, were not taking a honey jar out of a shopping basket. This is a child. [Sputtering]


Im speechless. Im mortified here that I live amongst these people, that we live amongst thesesavages.

These people deserve to be outed, to know who they are. They need to have that infamous Nathaniel Hawthorne Scarlet Letter tattooed on them so you can never get rid of it. I mean, how dare you? The arrogance and conceit that you must have in order to just, I mean, how does this meeting happen with a physician? Oh, were going to have three? Oh, thats the worst news I ever heard. Uh, I only want one. Can you do a double reduction, Doc? We live amongst these people. Youre looking for barbarians, you dont have to go see them in Conan. Go to New York.

All but one of the couples interviewed for the article asked for anonymity for fear that their friends, and the surviving twin, would judge their decision. Youre damn right were going to judge you. If I find out, I will read your name. You deserve to be shamed. Folks, this is really hard. I mean, I know Glenn Beck cries all the time, and I dont know why, for what reasons, because I dont listen to the program. But this is just heart-wrenching. I cannot imagine that I live amongst human beings that can do this and live with themselves. Tough to take, ladies and gentlemen. Tough.

In fact, doctors frequently encourage the mothers not to tell others what theyve done. Even to abortion providers theres something about terminating half a twin pregnancy that seems barbaric. You think? Some doctors have decided to discontinue the service, but others continue to quietly reduce twins in the privacy of their air-conditioned offices, serving coffee in the waiting room. Oh, isnt that quaint. Dr. Mark Evans, one of the first doctors to perform the procedure, used to believe twin reduction crossed the line between during a procedure for a medical indication versus one for a social indication. Years later, however, he reversed his opinion and now advocates that everyone carrying twins should at least be given the option to reduce the pregnancy.

Oh, what a wonderful, marvelous, splendid people we have become with our liberty. Oh, right, you have the liberty to do this. Right, Libertarians? So what separates some Libertarians from conservatives and people of conscience? Ethics, he said, evolve with technology. And so, writes Ms. French and thank you, Ms. French, for this post because I wouldnt have known this And so America has evolved all the way back to the moral condition of the Igbo people during the late 19th Century. We can only wait and see which country will send missionaries to America to save us from ourselves.

And shes talking about this African, West African pre-colonial people known as the Igbo who believed that twins were a bad omen. So Single births were considered human, but multiple births belonged to the realm of animals. So When a mother delivered two healthy babies instead of one, the parents would leave one newborn to die in the ojoo ofia (bad bush) outside the town, or simply suffocate one ofthem.

During the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Christian Europeans so lamented these barbaric twin killings that it became one of the mission causes of the time. Every Christian denomination sent missionaries there until the late 1930s, including the famous Mary Slessor of Calabar. Eventually the twin killings stopped. Well, hey, in New York when they do it they dont even bother with delivering the kid and throwing it in a bucket and bringing it down to the Bowery and letting it cry itself to death. No, well just reduce it. Lets just take an extra jar of honey out of the shopping basket.

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