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Battered Citizen Syndrome, it is time to Divorce the Federal Government

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NEW ORLEANS, La. – In every other facet of life, whether in business or when a personal relationship is no longer working and cannot be salvaged, options such as closing the doors or filing for divorce provide an opportunity for both parties to start over. However, despite the ever-climbing deficit and that the great deck chair reshuffling of 2010 has shown to bear little fruit, we as Americans are supposed to continue accepting the beatings and infidelity to the Constitution ad infinitum with no recourse to separate ourselves from an abusive central authority in Washington.

The federal government acts as if this union of states is akin to a fifteenth century arranged marriage wedded to it with no hope for salvation. Nevertheless, and despite its verbal abuse to the contrary, there indeed exists a path to salvation from the tyrannical overlords on Capitol Hill.

That solution is plain; we must immediately file for a divorce from this worn weary union and secede. This will afford our posterity and us the ability to try yet again to secure the blessings of debt free liberty. Wholly free from the odious debt levied upon us by the FEDERAL RESERVE to the sole benefit of the corporatists and political class.

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