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Becky In San Antonio’s Familiar With Socialistic Medical System. Say’s It Doesn’t Work.

(Audio) Mandeville, LA – After Mike wrapped up his summary of the Socialistic Medical Plan weare currently debating as a Country, we got a little listener feedbackfrom Becky down in San Antonio. Turns out Becky is retired military andtherefore receives "free" medical care, after a nominal yearly fee.Sounds flawless right? Absolutely wrong. The proof is in the puddingfolks, listen to this clip to hear Becky specifically say:"It does not work and nobody wants to use it."

Thetrick to this manipulative idea of free health care sounds fantastic,but behind closed doors the reality is that simple actions such asscheduling an appointment become about, if not more, difficult as aRubix Cube. In fact, Becky took her medical needs elsewhere when shefound out that she could opt-out for private HealthCare for anothernominal fees. And that right there should say it all folks, when peopleare willingly paying nominal fees for things that are otherwise freethen that’s a problem, a big one.

Related Material: We’re just getting warmed up on the topic of HealthCare, so enjoy this archived clip from the Mike Church Show on Sirius/XM’s Patriot Channel:

Universal Healthcare? How About Universal 9th Amendment 

2011 Mike Church Show 

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