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Believe in Leviathan: Day One, Job One

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MANDEVILLE, LA – EXCLUSIVE AUDIO – If Mitt were elected President what would be his first official act as President? Well if you guessed “follow the Constitution and shrink the size of Government” you should probably not audition for Jeopardy. No, all of his ideas for economic and job growth involve Government oversight. In fact, you can view the expansions on his website and read about them yourself, at least that way you can hear the train before it hits you.

Here’s the link:

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Will Davis

Seems to be working now. Thanks!

Larry C

On day one he will raise his right hand and SWEAR to SUPPORT and DEFEND the Constitution. He swears it before God and to ALL of the citizens of the 50 States. Then, with that same hand, he will take up a pen and sign his name to a document that will place more burden on us; that will take away more of our liberty; that will VIOLATE the oath he just took. And he will do it without any consciousness that he is a liar. Shame and curses to all the Oath Violators in this Nation.

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