Ben Carson Is Right, Confusion Is Our Problem

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road-to-independence-BH-RTI-CD-detailMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“I’m not quite sure exactly what all that means, other than as long as you’re willing to take the oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, it’s okay then to be a person of Muslim faith, if I understood that correctly.  But if you are a person of Muslim faith that has ever lived in a theocracy or wishes to live in a theocracy, then you can’t take the oath because you wouldn’t be pledging to the real religion.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  All the things that are going on right now, [mocking] “Trump and Carson, the GOP is showing itself to be the party of bigots.”  Dr. Carson is still being asked every day about these comments about: Why don’t you want a Muslim to be President?  We might even have some — as a matter of fact we do.  Digital media file 2A, Carson explains: No, I’m not going to take it back.  With all this that is going on here, you have the presentation — now, ask yourself the question, or if you know anyone who is in broadcast media, ask them the question: Are you offended by what dr. Carson said, or allegedly offended by what Dr. Carson said or what Donald Trump said?  Are you offended because you think it’s appropriate to defend religious faith and it’s appropriate and indeed incumbent upon us to defend the faithful?  If that’s the case, where were you guys when a faithful person in the person of Kimberly Davis, where were you in defending her?

I can talk about this for the rest of the day.  Just think about this on the same subject.  This is all the same subject.  So saying that a Muslim, which is abstract — you’re not referring to a specific, particular Muslim — should not be president, [mocking] “You’re a bunch of bigots for saying that.  Those people have the right to worship.  They have the right to practice their faith.  They have the right to practice their faith and be in American government.  Really?  Does Ms. Davis have the right to practice her faith and be in American government?  You go from the abstract to the very particular, abstract group of people not identified “Muslim” to the very particular, proper noun, person we can identify, Kim Davis.  In the abstract, it’s okay then, especially when we want to push some judgment porn, it’s okay to defend people of quasi-faith.

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But when someone actually is making an expression of faith, expressing their faith, and refusing to do something that the fake faith that is the State of America says that she must do, she’s a bigot.  You can see the logical fallacy that I’m developing here.  Both of these statements cannot be true.  It cannot be true that Carson is a bigot and that Davis is a bigot.  One of them has to be false.  Do we have the latest Dr. Carson clip?

[start audio file]

Dr. Ben Carson: Regardless of their religion or affiliation, if they embrace American values and they place the Constitution at the top level, then I’m supportive of them. That was what I said first. That part nobody heard. By implication, that question being asked, if my initial response didn’t answer the question, then he was saying: What about somebody who is of a faith that does not traditionally separate church and state, that traditionally has a theocracy, that traditionally treats women in ways different than we do, treats gays in different ways than we do, subjugates other religions? Obviously that would not be something that would be consistent with American values and our Constitution.

Ben Carson[end audio file]

Mike:  I’m not quite sure exactly what all that means, other than as long as you’re willing to take the oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution, it’s okay then to be a person of Muslim faith, if I understood that correctly.  But if you are a person of Muslim faith that has ever lived in a theocracy or wishes to live in a theocracy, then you can’t take the oath because you wouldn’t be pledging to the real religion.  Folks, do you see this?  You could develop the argument right there, that the civil religion of the United States and most of the people that live in the United States is this thing that we call constitutionalism.  The big problem is you can’t even define what that is.  How can you have articles of faith when they’re always changing?  How can you have a moral theology, which I guess the American State is supposed to give us, if it’s constantly changing?  Was I moral yesterday and now today I’m swine?  Yesterday I was free from sin and today I’m a bigoted sinner because Anthony Kennedy says so?  No wonder people are so screwed up.  Look at all the confusion that’s being sewn all around us.

Some of you say, [mocking] “There he goes again, droning on endlessly about error.  What is this error?”  Little, tiny errors beget greater errors.  You’re looking at them.  Why don’t you play digital media file 2B?  This is the second Carson clip that we have.  This may help forward the argument a bit.

[start audio file]

Reporter: Dr. Carson, this is something that is now defining your campaign. People are seeing you as being anti-Muslim with your statements. How do you fix that? How do you come back from this perception?

Dr. Carson: The only way we fix that is to fix the PC culture and our country, which only can listen to one narrative. If it doesn’t fit their philosophy, then they have to try to ascribe some motive to it to make it fit. That’s how we fix it. We fix America. We get people to actually start listening and being capable of understanding what is the principles of our country and our Constitution, and stop trying to fit everything into a PC model.

[end audio file]

Mike:  I think I kind of get that one.  What he basically called for was for all of you to start studying scholastic / Thomistic / Aristotelian philosophy.  The only way people are going to en masse come to understand things and come to the same conclusion on things that are important is to study how to think correctly.  If you can correct the errors in thinking, then people will arrive at the same conclusion.  Carson has actually identified the problem.  He hasn’t proposed a method to deal with it, but he’s actually pretty spot on with identifying the problem, that is that people, Westerners in the way we are taught to think today are taught to think inaccurately.  We are taught to think and use our brains in a manner that is not conducive to arriving at agreement.  When we arrive at agreement, we take the people that are currently in power and we would kick them out.  They wouldn’t be in power.  The elites would lose their power.  Do you think the elites are going to allow that to happen?  I say not no but heck no.


This is actually a fascinating thing that he just said there.  I don’t know if — Dr. Carson is a very well-educated man.  I don’t know if he has maybe dabbled in some study of philosophy, because he did mention philosophy in there.  Ladies and gentlemen, your average Joe six-pack out there that is responding to pollsters and saying that by 64 percent to 20-some percent they don’t want Planned Parenthood defunded — can you believe that?  Someone that would make that statement has not made a philosophical, has not arrived to that conclusion philosophically.  They have arrived at it emotionally.  They have eschewed philosophy.  There is no philosophy behind political correctness, I guess is the point.

As a matter of fact, there is this bill that is in Congress right now that would — this is the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act.  It sounds like something that we might say that would be — might be something that would pass the hallowed halls of Congress if it applied to a fish.

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If you’re going to apply it to a fish or a raccoon or something to that effect, that’s where the animal rights nuts are saying.  Remember a couple years back there was an effort by PETA, People Eating Tasty Animals (that’s my definition), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, that you hunters and fishermen out there, you need to stop using lead in your buckshot, especially duck hunters, because you’re spraying lead all over the marshes and the lead was getting into the water and then the birds were drinking the lead and then the birds were becoming stupid because they were drinking the lead.  We had to stop that.  Back to Carson’s argument here.  If we read this story — good grief.  The Pile of Prep is so deep today.  The stories that I’m going through keep getting stuck on staples.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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