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Best of C-Doc: When Weal Tea Fails Beer and Republicans Prevail

todayJuly 20, 2011 3

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    Best of C-Doc: When Weal Tea Fails Beer and Republicans Prevail TheKingDude

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    Best of C-Doc: When Weal Tea Fails Beer and Republicans Prevail TheKingDude

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

Amy Kremer is a leader in the Tea Party Express and until recently the Tea Party Express was mildly neutral on which Party it is aligned with. On Fox News Sunday [/private]

When Weak Tea Fails… Beer and Republicans Prevail

the veneer was stripped off and it became known that Tea Party Express was all in for the Republican Party. To be fair, Kremer has since backtracked her comments as misunderstood and not what she meant to say but thats like saying that milk comes not from cows but from Holstein cows, it is a distinction that has little meaning.

Kremer also sounded very un-radical to be representing such radical expectations as the MSNBC crowd attaches to the Tea Party in general. Kremer acknowledges love for the 2 party system and rules out supporting a 3rd party candidate which tells more about her Tea Party than 400 appearances on the Glen Beck TV Show ever will. This Tea Party is more about being an actual party, supporting whatever it takes to win elections with Republican candidates and less about what principles to support in candidates to win back lost liberty and fiscal stability.

Some of us have always suspected that the Tea Party would be consumed by the Republicans and would amount to little more than what the Heritage Foundation has become: mouthpieces for Big Government conservatism. In other words, Leviathan and its tyranny are ok as long as there are Republicans in charge. Well Republicans run the most powerful legislative body in North America these days: the U.S. House of Representin so, fiscal conservatives, hows THAT workin out for ya?

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Written by: TheKingDude

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