BEST of INTERVIEW: Prof. Gutzman -Do we Need a Standing Army?

todayMarch 31, 2011 4

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Prof. Gutzman: Government on Unsustainable Path Annually Borrowing 40% of what it spends

Dr. Tom Woods on the DudeMaker Hotline

STUDIO DProfessor Kevin Gutzmanjoins Mike on the DudeMaker Hotline to discuss the necessary debate now occurring amongst Constitutionalists, Tea-Partiers, GOP statists, and members of the Liberty Movement over a President’s ability to use the military without seeking a declaration from the Congress.

“Teddy Roosevelt was completely contemptuous of the idea of limited power in the central government”

Professor Kevin Gutzman
March 31st, 2011

In addition, Dr. Gutzman offers his witty, yet dead-on analysis on the federal governments addiction to spending, and in whether there exists a true need for a standing armies and how this in and of itself perpetuates the wasteful need for debt financing provided by the FEDERAL RESERVE.

Finally, in part three of the interview, Dr. Gutzman addresses a caller’s question on whether the United States actually needs a standing army in 2011, noting that a military invasion from either Canada or Mexico is highly unlikely and that even though the Founding Generation faced threats from far more numerous foreign and indigenous threats during the time of ratification, the Constitution is void of any such requirement as the dangers of standing armies and lust for empire far outweighed its benefit.

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