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Best of the C-Doc: Come Join Me Comrade in the USSA

todayJuly 21, 2011 1

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    Best of the C-Doc: Come Join Me Comrade in the USSA TheKingDude

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    Best of the C-Doc: Come Join Me Comrade in the USSA TheKingDude

Nu, prisoedinit?sya ko mne commrade(Come, join me Comrade)

2011 Mike Church

Hi folks it’s Mike Church with Today’s Church Doctrine

I have one very simple question to ask today: What took the “experts” at Standard & Poor’s so long to finally announce to the financial world what most Americans already knew: The United States’ Federal Leviathan is BROKE and it is getting more indebted by the hour. The timeliness of S&P’s threat to downgrade our debt is suspect, coming just 1 day after Tax Cheat Treasury Secretary Tiny Tim Geithner demanded an unconditional expansion of the American government’s debt ceiling.

Geithner was then followed by Dear Leader Chairman MaObama’s embarking on his “Scare the Parasites to Action Tour”. Obama will hop from town to town in the comfort of his coterie of tricked out, gas guzzling black suburbans. Among his tour stop topics will be forcing the non-parasite class to fork over more of their hard earned wages and wealth to the cheering parasite masses. Nice try Mr. president but we’re not buying.

If the New Deck Chair Party-the Republicans-cave in and raise the debt ceiling there will be unleashed a tidal wave of populist outrage not seen since the civil rights marches of the 1960’s. But this time, our goal shouldn’t be equality or rights it should be liberation.

Peaceful liberation from the Soviet styled empire, the Federal Leviathan has become. Expect to see folks demand action in the form of nullification and secession from our Soviet overlords.

Now if you think my calling the Feds Soviets is extreme please consider that the Russian Constitution actually ENUMERATED the right of the Russian states to secede AND even the Soviets weren’t “progressive” enough to impose that most American of atrocities, the income tax.

Nu, prisoedinit?sya ko mne commrade (Come, join me Comrade)

Pronunciation key: Nu, pree -say deeneat?sya ko miney commrade

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Written by: TheKingDude

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