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Best of the Doctrine: Gary Johnson and a Balanced Budget

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The Budget Deficit = Keifer Sutherland vs Michael Douglas

2011 Mike Church

Hey Folks Mike Church here with Todays Church Doctrine.

I recently interviewed former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson who had some very interesting and Founders Red Pill themed things to say about our current situation. Johnson believes that NOW is the time to promote and pass a balanced federal budget. You heard that right right, NOW. This while John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Mitch McConnell continue droning on about cutting $100 billion from the $ 3.5 Trillion headed hydra known as the federal budget.

To get to Johnson’s number, the Feds would have to live with a measly $2.3 TRILLION, oh my, shudder the thought. Part of the cuts must come from defense and “homeland security” the two biggest scams on earth. Congress must enact a hard freeze on all federal employment and on all federal pay rates as well. By eliminating the Agriculture department tens of billions would be saved and the pressure on commodities would be relieved. How about freezing the current level of Medicaid payments less 10% per year for 3 years and sending those payments to states on a per capita basis?

Canada was faced with a similar scenario 16 years ago and has managed to trim their government spending from 17.5 to 11.2 per cent of GDP.

Hey, if Keifer Sutherland and Shania Twain can cut their spending by 1/3 why can’t Michael Douglas and Martin Sheen?

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