Betrayal: The Tea Party Congress Same As Old Congress

todayNovember 4, 2011 2

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Mike: This just on the wires, the CNS News Service, debt increased $203 billion in October $650 for every man, woman, and chirruns in America. If I did not have a Google News Alert for debt increase, I would not have seen this. If I were not plugged in and looking for this, I would not see this because nobody cares about this. No one seems to be worried about this. Why, we dont have to worry. The Greeks are going to fix all this problem, Mr. Church. The Europeans have a and besides, Obamas in Europe today. Oh, yeah, thats going to fix everything. The President is now fixing the European economies. Of course, if Europe needs a fix in the same manner in which or that is similar to their previous fixes, there is one man on Earth that can deliver it, and that is Barack Hussein Obama. Mm-mm-mm, Barack Hussein Obama.

The federal governments debt increased by $203,368,715,583.63 in the month of October, according to the United States Treasury. That equals about $650 per person for each of the 312,542,760 people the Census Bureau now estimates live in the United States. So how do you like that? While you were trudging off to work last month, while we were all putting in 70-hour work weeks because we cant make ends meet with anything less, while were all being taxed and regulated to the Bejeezus Belt, and how this week, while were regaled by stories of purported or alleged sexual harassment, a $650 bar tab was run up in your name. How do you like that, America? A $650 bar tab was run up in your childrens name. How do you like that, Mr. and Mrs. America, Mr. and Mrs. Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Louisiana, Mr. and Mrs. Idaho. And yet theres no torches in the streets, theres no pitchforks, theres no outrage, theres just [yawning]. Hey, what happened with Cain last night? Thats whats really important.

This is unbelievable, folks. I cant take any of this stuff seriously anymore because no one else can. Ill just we should all just join the party. At the end of September the total national debt stood at $14,790,340,328,557.15, according to the Bureau of the Public Debt. By the end of October, I mean, were noodling it. Were pushing right up against the old $15 trillion debt ceiling. You know what that means. Dont tell Aunt Bernice were at $15 trillion. That means the national debt now has risen to $14,993,709,044,140.78. Whos going to collect the 78 cents, is what I want to know.

The debt increased far more this October than it did last October. Now, wait a minute. Now, how is that possible? Now, we have DeceptiCons. We have, why, we have arch-conservative Tea Party types running the House of Representin. How could the debt have increased more this October than last October? Something, wait a minute, hold, folks, hang on. Something happened November of last year. Dont tell me. Wait a minute. I can name that tune in two notes. No, no, no, I cant. Um, did somebody win the World Series? Yeah, I know what no, thats not it. There was an election last November, was there not? Didnt a group of guys that went and swore up and down that they were going to fix things like this, werent they elected? Werent these guys called Tea Party Republicans? Remember, they were going to have meetings in January. They were going to have these holy sances and burn candles, and Michele Bachmann was going to lead them in the reading of the U.S. Constitution?

Because all of you people told me, when I pooh-poohed this and made fun of it and said, come on, youve got to be kidding me, Why, you just dont want to go along to get along. Youre never happy. You and your idyllic life with your stupid Founding Fathers and your stupid fidelity and devotion to these old fuddy-duddy antiquated ideas that no ones ever going to adopt again, oh, thats just you. Thats just sour grapes. You lost, Church. Well, let me tell you now, one year later, let me tell you who lost. We all lost [chuckling]

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. Was not just I.

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