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Biden Regime Indicts Trump For Installing Wrong Toilet

todayAugust 2, 2023 12

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AUDIO/VIDEO: Donald Trump statement after new indictmentsThey come at me from the left. They come at me from the right – the RINOs, the communist, the marxists, the fascists. We will not only survive, but we will be stronger than ever before.

  • The nanosecond I heard the charge then I read the law, there is no way you can prove that.
  • You have to have motive number one.
  • There is no way you are going to get the motive that what he was doing was wrong and that he truly lost.

AUDIO/VIDEO: John Solomon on Real America’s VoiceThere are real serious issues of double jeopardy and presidential immunity. He has to prove Donald Trump’s state of mind. Can he actually do that? I am going to release exculpatory documents to boost his defense against the prosecutor.

  • The worst thing that could happen to Biden is for Trump to get arrested for anything.
  • He will be reviled, hated and loathed by millions of Americans.
  • Everything he has ever done will be erased and he will be the President that attacked and imprisoned his political opponents.
  • If they sentence him to 120 years in prison, history will treat Biden as though he put him there and he did.
  • Trump will beat him from prison and then pardon himself.



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Written by: TheKingDude

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