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Biden’s SOTU: Law Abiding, Voting Patriots Are The Enemy!

todayMarch 8, 2024 18

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MondayPileofPrep-Hodierna Verba Thursday Pile of Prep Veritatis et Sapientiae

“War, indeed, and untoward events may change this prospect of things and call for expenses which imposts could not meet; but sound principles will not justify our taxing the industry of our fellow citizens to accumulate treasure for wars to happen we know not when, and which might not, perhaps, happen but from the temptations offered by that treasure.” – Thomas Jefferson, His First State of The Union


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Today Is: Classic Movie Day and National Barbecue Day!

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The KingDude’s Pile of Prep

SOTU Was Written For Eight Graders

The Flesch-Kincaid Text Analyzer calculates the text of the SOTU as being at 8th grade reading level.

FLASHBACK: The Last Time Joe Biden Was Going To Cure Cancer At The SOTU

CONGRESS FOR DUMMIES – The dumbest man ever elected to Congress, Jamie Raskin of Maryland, claims that since the 2021 Congress impeached Trump (yet the Senate Acquitted him) then he is forever Insurrectionist Man and therefore can’t be President!

THE SCOTUS IS THE LAST FUNCTIONING INSTITUTION LEFTSays Federalist columnist David Harsanyi, meaning, it is DOOMED!

NO, WE DON’T WANT CAESAR – What we are witnessing is the end of legal reality. Andrew Willard Jones, makes the signal point of WHY that is. “When men play God, something like this happens. It feels good so long as one can maintain the illusion, but when reality breaks in, man’s weaknesses and inadequacies reassert themselves as horrifying and unnatural.”

VOTING IS LIKE MOUNTAIN CLIMBING? – WATCH: Oh the HORRORS & STRUGGLE of making your way to a polling station and casting a vote. Merrick “Scarecrow” Garland makes registering to vote sound like scaling K-2. After “reparations”, Demoncrats will approve “combat pay” for blacks who vote.
DELUDED DEMONCRATS NEED RUBBER ROOMS – There’s a new book out called “White Rural Rage” that purports to show that ALL of middle-class white ‘Muricah is on a perpetual military style campaign that goes in search of then destroys all blacks and homosexuals they encounter. Kylee Griswold says these white not only aren’t the problem but that they don’t exist but DEMONCRATS DO!
NATHAN WADE WASN’T GOOD AT LAW – WATCH POTUS 45 tell his supporters at a campaign event that Wade wasn’t good at law, but he was good at something else with Fani WIllis.

THE BIG GUY WASN’T JUST TAKING UKRAINIAN BRIBES – From Michael Shellenberger’s PUBLIC Substack. comes the story of how the Biden Crime Family was doing business in China, Mexico and Kazakstan that was being subsidized by ‘Murican taxpayers while the profits poured into the family’s bank accounts.
WATCH: 70 MPH HOMICIDE ON STREETS OF ST LOUIS – Watch, maniac 22 year old, Monte Henderson, mow down at 70+mph Mom and Daughter on St Louis street as they peacefully crossed. Henderson’s attorney calls him “fine, upstanding young man” as he is released on bond!?.
THE HOUSE GOP IS ABOUT TO FOLD TENTS… AGAIN – Watch Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton give House GOP a layup by listing what to and what NOT to fund in the upcoming CR they will be taking up. Let’s see if the Stupid Party remains election year stupid..

Sorry Geico Gecko, Your Grandpappy Is Just A Cave Painting

From my Twittah

Zelensky’s Stalingrad Moment – The Defense of Avdeevka Collapses

An author I follow on Substack, Demosthenes The Younger, has an EXCELLENT write up on the defeat of Zelensky’s army in Avdeevka:

“As subscribers to my Substack, you are well aware that when conventional military operations break down, it is not a slow decay. Rather, it is catastrophic. Today, Russian forces effectively cut Avdeevka in half trapping anywhere from 3,000-5,000 Ukrainian troops. Despite claims that the city is only symbolic and holds no military significance, the truth couldn’t be farther from those claims. Avdeevka has been the cornerstone of Ukrainian attacks against Donetsk for roughly nine years and was known to be the most fortified defensive position in Ukraine. Well, it was. Today, after a string of brilliant and hard-fought breakthroughs, Russia has trapped a large chunk of Zelensky’s army while the rest are beginning a dangerous retreat to the West. Only the early spring mud may save them from their pursuers, but the reprieve will be at best temporary. The war has now shifted decisively in favor of Russia. This has become Zelensky’s Stalingrad Moment.”

Read the whole thing here.

Obama & Biden Were Behind The Russia, Russia, Russia Hoax, JUST As I Told You!

Michael Shelleberger and Matt Taibbi have released a STUNNING REPORT on their Substack called PUBLIC, that details how, in 2016, the FBI & CIA set up 26 Trump Associates to be “bumped”. Bumping is what was done to the men accused of plotting to assassinate Michigan Governor Gretchen DIMWITmer. From the report:

One of the main motivations of the various individuals involved in the Russia collusion hoax appears to have been to create a cloud of suspicion over Trump.

For example, evidence suggests that the head of security for the Senate Intelligence Committee, James Wolfe, leaked information about the existence of the FISA warrant, which claimed Page was an “agent of a foreign power,” to the Washington Post, in 2017. It was a crucial episode in creating the false perception that the Trump campaign had conspired with the Russian government.

Told about the HPSCI report, Papadopoulos told Public and Racket, “There are so many unanswered questions that the investigations kept covered up…I do believe that the operation will be declassified, should Trump get re-elected, which is why his second term represents an existential threat to the intelligence agencies.”

I have been telling you since 2019 that there was a meeting in the Oval Office, in January 2016, where this plot was hatched. In the meeting were Obama, Biden, Victoria Nuland and a Ukrainian diplomat stationed in Washington.


‘Cash in Envelopes’: How the US and UN Are Funding the Border Crisis – If you wondered how the Chinese were sending their spies, criminals and dregs of society to to sneak into the U.S., wonder no more: we PAID them to do it.


THE $60 BILLION GREAT PAIN ROBBERY – Watch Senator Rand Paul decry this most audacious and atrocius giveaway of $60 BILLION to Ukraine amidst champagne corks pooping in Mordor on The Potomac..
WATCH TUCKER CARLSON & SENATOR JD VANCE – Explain that the bill just voted out of the Senate contains provisions that forbid Trump from cutting the 2025 & 2026 funding for the Ukraine Was which is patently unconstitutional.
THE SECOND AMENDMENT SAVED LIVES IN OSTEEN’S CHURCH – The deranged tranny, Houston, TX shooter was taken out before she could kill by HPD officers working a private detail at the church. She/He was carrying enough firepower to murder dozens of people but the heroics of 2 men saved lives!
“NOW GO, AND GAY NO MORE” – The “He Gets Us” ad campaigns that supposedly are “pro-Jesus” are abominations and the Super Bowl ad that showed a homosexual and an abortion seeker having their feet washed is the worst yet..
MAYORKAS SAYS THE BORDER CAN’T BE GUARDED – Fresh from escaping impeachment, DHS Secretray Alejandro Mayorkas tells Meet The Handcheck Press that the Biden Regime “…does not bear responsibility” for fixing Trump’s border.
“CITIZEN!!” YOU WILL ADOPT AN ILLEGAL ALIEN FAMILY “CITIZEN!!” – So the libs create a humanitarian crisis for the the ACTUAL citizens of Boston then guilt trip the same citizens into “adopting” criminal trespassers. Can’t wait for the followup reports of citizens being moved to homeless shelters & pawn shops making record profits.

“Schumer’s public temper tantrums yesterday show just how desperate the Libtard, demonic Left has become after failing to do away with Trump & his MAGA army!” –Mike Church on today’s Mike Church Show

WATCH: THE COMING OZEMPIC EPIDEMIC – I’ve been talking about this for months now comes Calley Means with Tucker Carlson to spill the beans on Big Pharma & Big Media’s collusion.

WATCH SCHUMER BLACKMAIL YOU FOR YOUR SONS – I have never liked Senator Chuck Schumer and his evil doesn’t disappoint but THIS VIEDO is his most vicious yet as he basically demands every ‘Murican adopt an illegal alien criminal or he’ll draft your sons & send them to die in a war with Russia.

CAN WE DRAFT EL SALVADOR’S PRESIDENT? – Nayib Bukele has done to EL Salvador what President Trump is promising to do to ‘Muricah. Watch this video of him addressing El Salvador’s military as he rallies them to save their country for God and Family!

MIKE LEE SAYS NOT “NO, BUT HELL NO”! – Schmuckles Schumer and Mitchard McConnell have been brewing up a “border repair” bill in the bowels of the Senate’s basement that pledges over $200 BILLION to fix: Ukraines & Israel’s borders and fund their wars while throwing table scraps at the USMC and OUR southern border, Senator Mike Lee says “Hell no!

TO BOMB OR NOT TO BOMB!? – This morning the media members of the War Party are practically giddy as they watch “B roll” of missiles blasting off from ‘Murican battleships and ground bases that were flung at 100 targets in Iraq & Syria as we “retaliated” for the bombing of a U.S. base in Jordan but as Col Douglas Macgregor points out, our bombing raids almost always produce blowback that necessitates more bombing.

HER BROWNSHIP WRITES HER OWN FAN MAIL!? -Nikki Hayley is so desperate for endorsements and public approval that someone in her campaign wrote and then sent “fan mail” to her Twitter account. Here’s my response

“The War Party has everything in place to start a shooting war with Iran, we should pray that God intervenes and stops this lethal insanity & instead returns our troops home!” -Mike Church on today’s Mike Church Show

BIDEN CLAIMED TRUMP WOULD START WAR HE IS STARTING IN IRANWatch the Wannabe Regime Leader, in 2020, claim that Trump was going to get us into a Mid-East war with…wait for it…The Iranians!

YOU’LL FREEZE TO DEATH BUT “SAVE THE WORLD”! – Biden’s new war on Nattural Gas won’t save the planet, won’t fight “climate change”, won’t lower the global thermostat by a nano degree but it will sure as hell price you out of natural gas appliances!

IF AT FIRST YOU DON’T SECEDE… – The crisis on the Southern border with Mexico, and it is a crisis, shows what I have been telling you for 2 decades, folks: it’s time to Rethink The ‘Murican Union for the 21st Century; here’s one suggestion on how to start that process.

“The campaign of Donald John Trump (Don John of Mar-a-Lago) left no doubt in the minds of the pinko-commie Left: They will have to face him at the polls and beyond and he’s planning to erase their blight from history!” –Mike Church on today’s Mike Church Show

IF YOU MAGA’S MAKE FUN OF CONGRESS WE’LL HUNT YOU DOWN! – Re. Frederica Wilson has a penchant for wearing gaudy hats and demagoguing the latest Biden/Pelosi assault on average ‘Muricans. Rep. Wilson now says she will lead a campaign to have her detractors who “make fun of” Congress critters, thrown in jail! Watch the madness here.

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