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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Once they got all this set into motion, the continuation of science creaming, absolutely slaughtering faith in the public square was accentuated.  There were court cases that made sure this was the mantra that Americans should chortle and repeat.  They have been working on this for over a hundred years now and it’s all about to come to fruition.  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


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According to the department’s letter to U.S. District Judge Edward Korman, the Obama administration will submit a plan for compliance with his recent ruling that allowed unrestricted sales of Plan B One-Step.

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Mike:  Isn’t that amazing that a judge, a guy in a black robe, can set policy for every drug store in the entire United States of America?  But you still believe that we should all be wedded together and united as a 50-state indivisible union forevermore, right?  Sure you do.


Mike Church Show Transcript: Federal Ruling On Murnaghan Lung Transplant Sets Dangerous Precedent

According to the department’s letter to the judge, the Food and Drug Administration has told the maker of the pills to submit a new drug application with proposed labeling that would permit it to be sold “without a prescription and without age or point-of-sale prescriptions.” [Mike: So can nine-year-olds buy it? They might want to get in on the action, too.]

republican-shirt-ifyouhavetoask1The FDA said that once it receives the application it “intends to approve it promptly.”

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Mike:  Of course it does.  So those that have the intention of breaking down the resistance to a mega corporatist oligarchical state began laying their foundations with Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson at the turn of the last century.  They got the cornerstones of what they needed to get in place with the income tax, with the Federal Reserve Act, with the conscription act, with the elimination of the states being able to recall their senators or elect their senators directly without interference from the hoi polloi, without direct participation of the hoi polloi and the pedestrians.  Once they got all this set into motion, the continuation of science creaming, absolutely slaughtering faith in the public square was accentuated.  There were court cases that made sure this was the mantra that Americans should chortle and repeat.  They have been working on this for over a hundred years now and it’s all about to come to fruition…

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All of the societal moorings that have made possible the magnificent progress of the human species are now all about to be cast into the wastebasket in favor of the creations of man.  If you think that man is smarter than, wiser than, and is going to be more adroit at creationism than God was, whatever God it is that you pray to and believe is responsible for all this that we call Earth, I would say you are in that number of arrogant men that has presided over the death, mayhem, destruction of entire civilizations.  Woe be to us when we arrive at that juncture, and we are very close to it right now, my friends, very, very close to it.


Last week, an appeals court dealt the government a setback by saying it would immediately permit unrestricted sales of the two-pill version of the emergency contraception until the appeal was decided. That order was met with praise from advocates for girls’ and women’s rights…

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Mike Church Show Transcript: Apparently It’s Okay To Kill Children As Long As It’s State-Approved

Mike:  Girls’ rights now, wow.  There’s a new frontier created every day in the United States and it’s all made possible by the Fourteenth Amendment.  It is, ladies and gentlemen, the miracle amendment, is it not?  I say the advocates for women’s rights are members of Gal-Qaeda.  Am I going to have to say that advocates for girls’ rights are members of Girl-Qaeda?  Let me noodle on that.

magnificent sam[reading]

Advocates for girls’ and women’s rights said Monday the federal government’s decision to comply with the judge’s ruling could be a move forward for “reproductive justice” [Mike: I didn’t know there was such a thing.] if the FDA acts quickly and puts emergency contraception over the counter without restriction.

[end reading]

Mike:  There are so many questions about this.  This is another one of these examples of why federalism and republicanism is so important.  It’s like Bruce Fein said in our Article V amendment convention extravaganza and symposium three years ago.  It’s just like Fein said.  Fein said the reason you want republicanism and federalism is so you have competition for good government.  Let’s just say the nitwits in New York are so dismissive of traditional marriage and courtship and of encouraging youths to pursue something other than sex and all the things that go along and are attached to the activities that lead to the purported necessity of the Plan B pill.  Let’s just say that New York wants to do this.  Okay, fine.

Mike Church Show Transcript: “Normal” In Modern Society Is No Indicator Of Morals Or Virtues

That doesn’t mean that New Jersey has to do it, although I would expect New Jersey would.  That doesn’t mean Massachusetts has to do it, although I would suspect that Massachusetts probably would lead the way.  That doesn’t mean that Pennsylvania has to follow suit, although thanks to Philadelphia being inside the Keystone State, I suspect that Pennsylvania would go that way as well.  You may have to get all the way down to North Carolina or South Carolina before somebody puts a foot down and says: Hold on just a second there, bucko.  Just hold on a second there, Cosgrove.  That kind of garbage may play up where you come from, but we are not going to be having that dispensed over the counter in our states, thank you very much.  But since we don’t have federalism and since we don’t have republicanism in any meaningful sense of the term any longer, it can be force fed to every city in every county in every state on the entire damn continent.  Congratulations.  Assimilation and consolidation is now complete.  Our daughters and sons will now bear the brunt of this.

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I just wonder if the FDA and the oligarchs that are promoting the use of this insidious little pill, I wonder if they have considered what happens when a panicked 14-year-old who’s four months pregnant and is mortified at the prospect of going to an abortion clinic decides: If I take two of these things, they’ll kill junior in the womb.  It’s a little bigger now.  Maybe I just need to take two boxes of them.  Of course, the FDA will be absolved from all this.  The Obama administration will be absolved from all this.  I would imagine at some level the drug maker will be absolved from all this, or will the FDA throw them to the wolves?  What will happen to the young girls that think this way?  What will happen to the young girls that are encouraged to think this way by panicked young boys who do not desire to become husbands?  That, I assume, is probably about 90 percent of young boys out there today, because we don’t tell them that they need to become husbands.  We certainly don’t lead by example, or at least not enough of us do.

Tragic, tragic, tragic every step of the way, ladies and gentlemen.  Nothing good will become of this.  I remember reading Gerald Warner the day after Obama’s inauguration.  Gerald Warner said this will all end in tears, the ebullience and the ecstasy that was being felt and promoted all across the globe with the election of the first black American president.  Warner warned, the title of the column was “This Will All End in Tears.”  Well, this is all going to end in tears, too.  It’s the children that will be holding the bag.

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