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Dwayne Stovall and Big Media Bias

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Let’s say hello to Dwayne Stovall in Texas.  Dwayne Stovall is one of our three amigos, one of the top ten politicians to look out for in 2014 from Texas.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Let’s say hello to Dwayne Stovall in Texas.  Dwayne Stovall is one of our three amigos, one of the top ten politicians to look out for in 2014 from Texas.  What’s up, brother Stovall?

Dwayne Stovall:  Good morning, Mr. Church.  This debt ceiling issue, I have something I’d like to bring to the table.  It appears like it’s going to upset the whole race here in Texas.  You realize that the mass media is keeping a distance from me as far as they can.  Anybody out there that doesn’t know this, as a citizen statesman with no political affiliations or alliances, just representing the State of Texas, I have the largest campaign in the State of Texas.  I have over 1,000 volunteers.  There’s not another campaign in the state that comes even close.  I can’t get the mass media pundits to come anywhere near me, but they still insist on going towards Steve Stockman and trying to plant a moniker on him as being the Tea Party favorite, which is a completely made-up label and shows big media bias.

What I’m going to tell you is, it appears that we have a little bit of an issue in this race.  That is, Steve — who I know personally, and I have no issues with Steve personally — but I’m a Texan, I’m a native Texan, and I’m for this state.  I’m offended by anybody that gets involved in this debt ceiling increase, no matter how you get involved in it.  When you politicize it, it just pisses me off.  Steve came out yesterday and he’s totally lambasting, rightfully so, Senator Cornyn for his behavior over the debt ceiling, which is totally normal if you’ve watched Cornyn for the last decade.  The issue for me is, Steve, last January, right after he got into office, it appears that Steve voted for suspending the debt ceiling for Boehner.   When it came to the floor for a final vote, it appears that Boehner had enough votes to pass it, so he voted against it.  At the same time, Boehner was up for selection as Speaker of the House.  Instead of voting against Mr. Boehner, he voted present.  Let’s just say we’ve got what appears to be a little of the kettle calling the pot black.

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Mike:  So he’s like John Kerry then, Dwayne.  [mocking] “I actually voted for the debt ceiling increase before I voted against it.”

Stovall:  Yes.  It appears that we have the exact same style of behavior going on in that camp.  We’re going to find out more about that today.  That was brought to my attention yesterday.  It seemed like I could remember that, but there was an article in the Washington Post.  We’re going to validate it.  I’m telling you, this whole idea that we’re going to take these political positions on raising the debt and enslaving me and my children and unborn future generations of Texans, I’m done with it, absolutely done with it.  We’re either going to get some reality involved in this or our fellow American over there, the Michigan caller before — by the way, Steve is from Michigan and there you go.

Colonial_Revolutionary_featuredMike:  Dwayne, you knew all this when you decided you were going to run against Cornyn.  You also knew that if you pose a threat to the proverbial apple cart of bipartisan slicing of the $3.8 trillion pie — there are three arms to this.  There’s the military-industrial complex, the media-industrial complex, and the corporate-industrial complex.  Of course, they all boss around their employees, which are members of the House of Representin’ and the United States Senate.  It’s all quite a great racket if you can get a seat at the table.  As I’ve been saying for years, if you’re at the table, you’re going to fight to defend what you perceive or at least pervertedly believe is your entitlement.

Stovall:  This is their “livelihood.”  They are going to fight for their survival, but the survival of the national government is all on display here.  It has nothing to do with the people, the people of the states.  We are not the creators of that debt.  That’s what I try to explain to everybody.  We don’t have a debt issue, you and I.  The debt issue is strictly the national government.  Our creation of debt starts and stops with that body.

Mike:  I concur.

Stovall:  If they stop creating it, it stops being foisted upon us.  Is it going to be painful?  Yes.  Is it going to happen whether we want it to or not?  Yes.

Mike:  Yes.

Stovall:  This is that proverbial bull in the china shop. You can either choose to grab it by the horns and wrestle with it to try and get it out doing as little damage as possible, or you can go hide in the closet and hope it leaves and doesn’t destroy everything in its path while it leaves.

Mike:  No, it’s going to take everything in its path, I think.  Dwayne, we’re a little short on time here.  What is the website?

Stovall:  We’re really moving along well.  Grassroots is excellent here.  Until we get the mass media to get involved and get some more name recognition and get a citizen statesman in instead of these lifelong politicians, we’re done for.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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