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The-English-Reformation-Front_cover_DEMOMandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“Why is that part of the protest, I wonder?  What are you protesting by shooting your fellow man?  Again, this is not a protest; it’s a criminal activity.  We have people that are defending this rejection of authority, and that’s what it is, as something that is necessary.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

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Protests turned violent for a second night in Charlotte after Tuesday’s fatal police shooting of a black man. Late Wednesday, Gov. Pat McCrory declared a state of emergency for the city and deployed the National Guard and State Highway Patrol troopers to assist local police.

One person was shot at the protest and was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, Medic said. The city initially reported that he died, but later retracted that, saying he was on life-support.

Medic said on Twitter that it was treating the patient for a gunshot wound en route to Carolinas Medical Center.

he person was shot in the area of North College and East Trade streets.

Medic said it was responding to “multiple incidents uptown related to the situation in the College Street area” but was no more specific.

The shooting was “civilian on civilian,” the city tweeted.

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Mike:  Why is that part of the protest, I wonder?  What are you protesting by shooting your fellow man?  Again, this is not a protest; it’s a criminal activity.  We have people that are defending this rejection of authority, and that’s what it is, as something that is necessary.  Did you hear the outrageous lack of humility and mercy spewing forth from the mouth of the sister of the man who was shot?  Even if you didn’t live in Charlotte, North Carolina or anywhere near there, even if you’re not a cop, even if you’ve never been a cop, even if you don’t have any cops in your family, if you’s a whitey, you’s guilty.  You’re a bunch of “white devils” is the word.

Ladies and gentlemen, as these riots continue to happen – and it doesn’t matter what city they occur in.  Just look at the tally this year alone.  We had five cops shot dead in Dallas, Texas.  Heaven forfend, and I’m not predicting this, but this unrest and what’s going on in Charlotte, North Carolina may result in more mayhem, more death, and more violence.  It’s already resulted in untold damage to the downtown area.  People that had no material participation whatsoever in the shooting of the guy that was shot down on Tuesday.  We have three dead police officers in Baton Rouge as a result of the angst Black Lives Matter has generated.  We have riots in Baltimore.  We had riots in Tulsa.

Anywhere there is authority, and anywhere there is a question that a singular individual might abuse or have abused that authority, the reaction of the clamoring classes is to revolt.  It is to make mayhem and violence, maybe even murder, upon innocents who had absolutely nothing to do with it.  Folks, something is wrong out there, and it’s not going to be fixed by a Trump election.  It’s not going to be fixed by putting 100,000 more cops on the street.  It’s not going to be fixed by any federal edicts.  It’s not going to be fixed by anything that any lawmaking authority can repair, save for strong-man dictator and strong-man dictators saying: Look, this has just gotten too far out of hand up in here.  We’re proclaiming martial law.  We’re going to have to put curfews into effect because you idiots can’t mind and manage your own affairs.  Think that that’s farfetched?  Turn the television on.

I’d like to concentrate on another point here and draw you into the conversation.  What if this was happening in your city?  I live, as the crow flies, 35 miles from New Orleans.  What if it happened in Black Lives Matteryour city?  What is your excuse going to be?  Last week, you know what the mayor of New Orleans did?  He passed a bill that made it tougher for criminals to have guns on the street.  Uh, they don’t buy guns from gun stores, you idiot.  They don’t transact business at Walmart or at Academy Sporting Goods by presenting their driver’s licenses.  It’s not how this happens.  Who are you going to blame when it comes to your city?  Who am I going to blame?

The question is relevant because what we have here is a failure of acknowledging authority.  That’s what we have here.  It begins small and now continues to spread.  What is going to be the countermeasure that is going to end this?  Folks, you know this is going to happen.  You know there are going to be more black kids, young black men or middle-aged black men or whatever the case is going to be, there’s going to be more that are going to be shot.  There’s going to be more riots.  There’s going to be more death.  There’s going to be more mayhem.  How could this be happening in “the greatest country in the history of earth”?  How is this possible?

Note also that the rioters, the criminal element that’s perpetrating all this, they are cavorting about downtown Charlotte in the finest street clothes money can buy.  They are adorned with the finest tattoos that money can buy.  They are wearing in their ears and in their noses the finest bling that money can buy.  Some of them are pulling out of their pockets the finest electronic communication devices that money can buy.  They are wearing the finest footwear on this earth that money can buy.  Does this sound like a rabble, an impoverished class that has no food, no water, no access to the accoutrement of life?  No, it doesn’t.  It is a petulant and now isolated class, and being made more isolated class of people that are turning to mammon when they should be turning to God.

God, as Chesterton said, Christianity hasn’t been put on trial and found wanting.  What’s happened is that Christianity has been found too hard and has not been tried.  This is the end.  We’re watching the end.  I don’t know how long it’s going to take.  As Ilana Mercer said a couple weeks ago on this show, you can see the carcass of liberal, modern American man, Western civilization man, it’s on the deck of the ship and it’s flopping about like a guppy gasping for air, but it just won’t die.

The assaults, the murders, the destruction of property, the rejection of authority, the rioting, the looting, the pillaging, Heaven forfend the raping that’s going on began, some are going to celebrate the 500-year anniversary of when it began, next year.  This ends in barbarous paganism.  Hell, we’re already there.  The pagans are ruling the streets now.  At any point in time they decide to capture the downtown area of any major city, they just go and do it.  Are the men, are the kids, are the punks, the gangs that are perpetrating these acts, are they ever going to be discovered?  They’re all running around with masks on as if this is some sort of an old West shoot-em-up movie set.  Where are their parents?  Answer this question.  They don’t respond to the authority of the police, so to what authority do they respond to?

Ladies and gentlemen, whether you admit it or not, or whether you wish to admit it or not, this all comes down to one very simple fact.  It is identified by one very simple problem.  That is, to what authority do we now appeal to when we need to stop and to halt or to prevent acts like this?  What’s that saying we used to have on this show?  Obedience to the unenforceable.  From whence is it better that man draws the virtue that makes good, true, and beautiful the order part of law and order?  Is it better that he draw it from Caesar?  Or is it better that he draw it from his soul?  When he draws it from his soul, where did he get that?  Gee, I wonder.  When he draws it from his soul, from within, it doesn’t have to be enforced.  It’s obedience to the unenforceable.  You know that if you violate the order, that if you violate the authority when you have been commanded not to do so, and when you violate the command to be virtuous and to practice virtue, what are you doing?  You’re placing your eternity, the condition of your eternity in peril.

I am certain that many of you that – let me try this tact.  Since I am certain that many people that used to listen to the neocon ramblings of me through this microphone are not present today, you people that are listening, it’s your duty, if you agree with the presentation here today, it’s your duty to go find them and help us bring them back to the corral and make them listeners again.  It’s not hard to do.  The show is on three times a day now for a total of seven hours.  It’s even on in the afternoon when they’re driving home.  [mocking] “Mitter Church, they want to listen to Sean Hannity.”  Talk about solving problems.  Boy howdy.  Back to the story:


Founders-Pass-Logo-500The Charlotte Clergy Coalition for Justice questioned the city’s account. The coalition said several of its members were just 10 feet from the victim when he was shot.

“I saw the man go down on the pavement,” Minister Steve Knight of Mission Gathering Christian Church in Charlotte said in a statement from the coalition. “It was an ambush. The victim was shot while he stood between two ministers, and we believe he was shot by police. We would like to see surveillance video from the surrounding area . . .”

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Mike:  So now the cops are suspect in everything.  Follow me here, folks.  What does the police officer represent?  What does he have authority over?  You and me when he is carrying out a legitimate order or enforcing a legitimate act of your government.  That’s what a cop does.  You people that are cops or used to be cops, what is the abbreviation for you?  LEO.  What does that stand for?  Law enforcement officer.  You’re a law enforcement officer.  What does that mean?  Where’d the law come from?  It came from the lawgiver.  Who’s the lawgiver?  The lawgiver is either the city council of Charlotte, the county government of Mecklenburg County, the State of North Carolina, or the federal government.  That’s the order there.  By the way, note that I just gave you the subsidiarity order, the proper order.  City, county, state, feds.  So what does the cop represent ultimately?  We’ve replaced Christ the King in his order with what?  Lincoln the king.  We’ve replaced Christ the King and the order of Christendom with what?  Washington, the king.  I don’t mean George Washington; I mean Mordor on the Potomac River.

Let us review.  What does the police officer represent?  He represents authority.  What was rejected and shunned in 1517?  Authority.  The singular 1,517-year-old authority under which Christian men and women had agreed to be governed.  It’s been all downhill from there.  If we don’t correct it, don’t fool yourself, don’t kid yourself.  It doesn’t matter how many times you secede – I’m not saying you shouldn’t.  It doesn’t matter how many times we make the polities smaller and the sovereignties more manageable.  None of that is going to matter if the order is not restored.  What you’re seeing in Charlotte, what you saw in Dallas, what you saw in Ferguson, what you see in Baltimore, what you see in Chicago, what you’re going to see in Orlando, what you see in all these instances is a rejection, ultimately is a rejection of authority.

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