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Bloomberg’s “City That Never Sips” NY Nanny State’s War On The Big Gulp

todayJune 1, 2012

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So Bloomberg thinks you have the right to arbitrarily terminate a child living in your womb unless the termination is by Big Gulp? The Soda Empire Strikes back

Bloomberg’s war on choice in anything except abortion extends to the kind of foods soup kitchens are allowed to accept and feed the hungry and homeless

NY Slimes columnist-Krugman-Praises then quotes Lord Keynes in the first sentence of his latest hissy fit for Leviathan disguised as economic discussion

The greatest Debtmaker in UNIVERSAL history-Our Dear Leader- has the audacity to accuse then insist that a measly governor of MA (or any governor!) could match his destructive record reaches all time lows for arrogance

Courageous: Ilana Mercer-columnist, author and friend-DARES to write of her and others TSA experience wondering if there is a …wait for it…racial bias?

Romney shows up unannounced at Solyndra HQ to remind “voters” that Obama’s “investments” on our behalf ar nothing more than handouts to friends and supporters – better to make the case that ALL such projects are unconstitutional and should be abolished forever

Shocker: Take the Independent Institute’s “MyCost Government” calculator to see what Leviathan cost you this year and in the future *WARNING* If standing sit, if driving pull over*END WARNING*

Federal court does what it is supposed to do but blows decision on DOMA – Congress was enforcing Article IV of the Constitution: Flashback, 25 February, 2011, The Mike Church Show “Clarification: On today’s show I mistakenly asserted that the 1997 DOMA was unconstitutional. I confused the state’s prerogative to individually choose what it determined to be a “marriage” as absolute over Congress’s power to determine how records are respected under Art IV section I. The DOMA IS within Congress’s power and I apologize for the error.”

Instead of bitching at the TX judge who upheld a state imposed tyranny, bitch at the Legislature that keeps the tyranny of truancy laws in place and arrests Dianne Tran

Werewolves of London: Cannibal on the loose in London after Scotland Yard ignores anonymous tips

The vaunted American Consumer has finally met his match: Leviathan’s voracious appetite for liquidity, easy credit, debt and delayed reckoning for it all, well the day of reckoning is finally arriving

Subprime lending NEVER STOPPED it just shifted its title and moved a few letters of the alphabet in its acronym: FHA

Welcome to Sh*t Creek (cartoon)

The Financial End is Near – and this is no hippy with a hand painted sign slung to a for sale sign stake

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Written by: TheKingDude

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