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Bloomin’ Wednesday Pile of Prep

FAMILY FRIENDLY! The NEW Founding Father Films Compleat set delivers an entire DAY'S worth of family friendly, Founding Father themed entertainment
FAMILY FRIENDLY! The NEW Founding Father Films Compleat set delivers an entire DAY’S worth of family friendly, Founding Father themed entertainment

Mandeville, LA – Mike Church‘s daily Pile of Prep, Welcome to’s Pile of Prep, all the materials used to prepare the Mike Church show. For the last 7 years I have been telling browsers of this page and listeners to the SiriusXM radio show that placing the aspirations of conservatism, present and future, into the hands of the GOP, was a political mistake, this rings even more true today and Trumpzilla’s successful candidacy is the latest and loudest symbol that this is and was reality. “To see society strictly as a battle of the individual against the state is to overlook this essential element of conservative thought—and the way we actually live our lives: as part of families, local communities, and other social groups. Even as we stand against the relentless growth of government power, we must protect, reinforce, and nurture the civil society that mediates between the individual and the state. Otherwise, like Julia, we may find no alternative to government power.” –  Samuel Goldman


Will the DeceptiCONS Nephelim of Congress “hone in on” what the monsters at Planned Parenthood have admitted on videotape, now corroborated by the full length videos released by the Center for Medical Progress? Namely that PP is selling, harvested baby body parts for profits at their murder factories.

Bring back Community to bring back [r]epublicanism and the Remnant will once again freely roam and maybe rule (because he is willing to BE ruled) the Earth. Samuel Goldman reviews the need for community as the building block of civilized life that the modern era has nearly eliminated and replaced with “connectedness”, the two are not the same.

John The Baptist-DeceptiCONNED – When THE Moral Code is abrogated by the “Law of the Land” what is supposed to happen? Well, civil disobedience is what is supposed to happen for faithful, regardless of an earthly court says. Isn’t that the lesson of the Christian martyrs including those were executed precisely because they would not follow the SCOTUS of their day’s edicts? Not according to the moral equivalency of “there are win-win” scenarios where homosexual “marriages” are blessed by the State and “nobody loses”. That’s funny to hear that God is a “nobody” who doesn’t care if he “loses”

St Thomas Moore and his devotees might continue seceding from leviathan by withdrawing consent as many in “The South” are currently being confronted to do when they are ordered by their federal overlords to issue “gay marriage licenses” for example. White martyrdom is here folks, the only question that remains is will it give way to its Big Brother: Red Martyrdom of which St Thomas Moore was a beheaded casualty.

Trumpzilla Meets DeceptiCONNED – The end of the GOP is near and the final nail in this vampire’s coffin will be pounded in by Trump but he will NOT be the nominee and that is the point that is emerging. The GOP has exhausted nearly all its capital in 50+ years of over-promising “conservatism” and under-delivering crony capitalism, Big War, Big Business and Big Media (attach “conservative” to a media product and you are guaranteed an audience of good hearted people who still think Jim DeMint is one of them.)

Patrick J Buchanan – Compared to the Soviets and the Red Chinese of the 1960’s and 1970’s the Iranians aren’t even 97 lb weaklings and Republicans need to either adapt to the nuclear deal the rest of the planet’s civilized nations think is a fait accompli or figure out how they are going to go it alone and tell the world to pound sand.

DeceptiCONNED II – There is something that happens to men when they hit the age of ego-sagging eyes, balding heads, sports cars they don’t know how to drive and, well .. Woody Allen said if you keep doing it y0u’ll go blind. Taking a look at former General David Patraeus I’d say he’s gone blind, dumb and now just plain Pelosi bat—it crazy, suggesting it is time for ‘Muricah to “make allies of the fight against ISIS”. Yes, Patraeus has gone blind and is now the logical result of a war/foreign policy that has nowhere to go but to the absurd.

The Era of Modern Error, made clear in ONE paragraph. This is the concluding paragraph from an opinion essay posted at The Week online magazine. Note the set of finite choices presented as the conclusion to what others have called “judgement porn”. What is the better, philosophia perennis conclusion? Read on…. “I’m not a moral philosopher; I’m just some guy. But when I look at the shrine of hate erected at that dentist’s office, or listen to the witch-trial hisses and spitting over the Ashley Madison scandal — or read those commenters who explain, with prim sanctimony, that the latest victim of a police shooting got what he deserved because he was, after all, breaking the law — all I know is, I’d rather be an adulterer than a stone-thrower.” The better conclusion is “I’d rather adultery and stone throwing be equal moral transgressions because we have regained the universal concept of Sin.”

Letting the perfect become the enemy of the good? When the U.S. was negotiating nuclear arms pacts with the Soviets, ‘Muricah NEVER got her way, yet deal after deal was signed and good faith invested in the endeavor with the mindset that a BETTER deal could come from working the flawed deal, as long as the parties remained engaged. But we can’t let history, common sense and prospective diplomacy get in the way of the next campaign (yesterday) to begin a new war campaign, now can we.

Katrina, Still Beating “The Experts” – Ten years after the “storm of the century” those who think that nature’s inevitable fury can be game-planned and put at bay by engineering cannot contend with HUMAN nature that make men averse to living in engineered, “hurricane and flood proof” homes, like these

Patrick J Buchanan: What happened to the end of the race wars and racial politics that Obama was supposed to end? The shootings at the TV station/site in Roanoke VA and the last 3 years of high profile murders say that the wars are building and the violent crime  stabilization has ended and is on the rise.

SHE AIN’T MODEST, SHE’S SLICK HILLY– Mrs Clinton compares pro-lifers to terrorists claiming the views of Sharia Law adherents are identical to pro-lifers and “anti-woman” as if preserving the life of the next generation of our mothers, sisters and wives is akin to compulsory violence meted out as punishment for what Christian women are lauded for and EXPECTED to exhibit is comparable. Perhaps Mrs. Clinton should consult the Protestant customs of the late Queen Victoria who saw such behavior and forced recognition and respect of it as a sign of PROGRESS for women.

Incorporationistas Strike Back – “Unlawful immigrants can have 2nd amendment rights, appeals court rules” – NOW your “second amendment rights”, REALLY extend to the Ice World of Hoth and back, just as predicted by Y/T and Kevin Gutzman​ over 274,319 times. This case is PRECISELY why Kevin and I have been telling folks to stand AGAINST incorporating the 2nd Amendment like it’s the 10th Commandment and keep it understood as it was until the 1960’s. Congratulations Incorporationistas, the amendment is universal and will now apply to Jihadis and other aliens. But don’t worry, “Trumpzilla owns a gun, Mitter Church and he’th gonn’ do it…”


Never-Ending War is not just some slogan I made up it is what the undeclared, unconstitutional “war” against ISIS” has actually become and its promoters in Congress are afraid to tell the public about it

Are You An Invincibly Ignorant Ninja?The TV show American Ninja delivers some sporting entertainment that is fun to watch, stars regular people like Wonder Woman Kacy Cantazaro and is largely family friendly (I give it an immodesty score of 2 out of 5 where five is St. Terese and 0 is GaGa)

I HATE BEING RIGHT ALL THE TIME, WHITE MARTYRDOM ARRIVES IN DENVER – I have been warning that a religious persecution unlike any seen since the Supremacy Laws of 1559 made it illegal under penalty of death to practice the Catholic Fait, Mass or receive any of the 7 Sacraments. Denver now plans to consider making it illegal for any business that “opposes gay marriage” (“family organization” as they call it) to operate in its fair city. Of course no family can be formed without children and Denver has no problem with Planned Parenthood supporters, and Denver airport vendors, Starbucks and Ben and Jerrys. Now, what was that conversation of mine, you tuned out, that warned of this and pleaded for a defense of the UNIVERSALS of moral theology?

DeceptiCONNED: Republicans insist Obama must stop abusing Presidential “authority” or privilege” or whatever the latest abuse is but they cannot bring themselves to denounce and arrest Obama’s support for the Saudi Arabian war on Yemen, five months old now. Where are the “constitutionalists”?

Chinaman_is_not_the_issueThe Issue Is Not The ChinaMan Walter!? – The Chinese are the new ISIS or the new …well, Chinese, and they are playing fair with their “currency manipulation” and “trade policies”. Wow, just imagine, the Communist Chinese took the financial advice of Lord Keynes, Barney Frank and FDR and the result is…. a market crash featuring Potemkin villages that never should have been built but showed economic “progress”. That the Chinese economy is crashing is not surprising, indeed it is predictable, that Americans think we will be spared the same fate once our diabolical pride driven course begins its correction, is tragic and sad, but don’t worry, we’ll elect an ersatz king who start a trade war with what remains of China… oh, and we’ll get to watch China yelled at by “conservatives” on TV too, yay! Maybe we should try: humility, fair trade with all (that means we don’t buy goods produced by sinful means) and non-intervention?

We Like War, And We Like Building War Toys -OshKosh has won the Big War needs Big Machines to be built lotto and will earn up to $30 BILLION in building replacement Humvees. Now, recall what happened to the old Humvees that were left in the desert for ISIS and HYDRA to hotwire. Hmmm, maybe this war business is just that, a business that requires obsolescence.

GALILEO WAS WRONG, BACK TO SCHOOL MUST HEAR RADIO! – Today’s Special Guest, Robert Sungenis, gives us a 90 minute long presentation on WHY Galileo Was Wrong, the ground-breaking film series that finally challenges the “settled science” of Heliocentrism that never was confirmed. “Galileo Was Wrong reveals in spectacular graphics and painstaking research that the true scientific evidence not only puts Earth in a central location in the universe, but shows that it enjoys the unique privilege of being the only motionless body around which everything else revolves.” Listen to the 70 minute recap of this presentation and soon to come video with the all new Founders Pass Media Player

WE ARE FAMILY – 50 years ago Daniel Patrick Moynihan penned a study of the then young “Great Society” of LBJ, his predictions have been born out by a factor of 2 while his conclusions on what to do about it remain on a shelf and collecting dust. As this essay recounts, Moynihan knew that it was the natural, God created institution of Family that was key. “Morals and manners—more than legislation—primarily shape the direction of great nations. Any hope for regeneration will likely arise from our families with active and involved fathers, churches that foster family cohesiveness, and various ministries and nonprofits that make strong, nuclear families a priority.”

More Folly of We The Sheople – “The Constitution demands that Congress declare war on ISIS and “We the People should enforce it” is is a noble and laudable demand from this columnist for the Atlantic. But these demands are actually legal affirmations if there IS a Constitution still to be obeyed thus showing the impracticability of written Constitutions that, regardless of their noble intentions, rely on their own created entities for discipline and acknowledge no higher authority.


“Girls Wear Short Shorts” But Men… To WORK!? I am delighted to see other concerned and writing about our horrific sartorial choices which I say, mirrors the rest of our actions that drive the Septic Tank we call a culture. By the by, the deadline is a satire and girls, my daughters included should NOT be cavorting about in short shorts.

The Miracle Amendment Will Make A Babling Savage Of You Too – WaPo’s Dana Milbank shows what happens when you write/speak/bloviate for a living on Federal Politics but cannot be bothered to pick up a history of the subject you wish to cover. In trying to bring Scott Walker down a peg over “birthright citizenship”, Milbank is in error. “First, asked by NBC’s Kasie Hunt whether he supported ending birthright citizenship — a constitutional principle in place since the Civil War era — Walker said: “I think that’s something we should, yeah, absolutely, going forward.” – Only problem is, this has NOT been a Constitutional principle and is NOT contained in the plain language of the 14th Amendment

Ius ad bellum non decepio est – FINALLY someone other than this page and its author takes Obama, Dumbocrats and DeceptiCONS to the woodshed for a Founders whooping over the illegal and unconstitutional “war” Obama is waging with Congress’s tacit approval against ISIS


DeceptiCONNED: General Brent Scowcroft makes a good case for why war-hawk, bomb Iran Republicans, are running the risk of jeopardizing the very “exceptionalism” they so love to obsess over. “Let us be clear: There is no credible alternative were Congress to prevent U.S. participation in the nuclear deal. If we walk away, we walk away alone. The world’s leading powers worked together effectively because of U.S. leadership. To turn our back on this accomplishment would be an abdication of the United States’ unique role and responsibility, incurring justified dismay among our allies and friends.”

ObamaCare was never about “health care” unless you are talking about the “health” of the huge insurance companies and their surging profits as a result of compulsory insurance. This is how Mordor works folks and why “reforms” like “WalkerCare” cannot fix the problem because the program is delivering the goods to the parties that matter.

The Planned Parenthood, Baby Butcher Shop can only exist if 1. ‘Murican law allows it and then 2. ‘Murican “businesses” purchase it’s “products” gained by barbarian means. The latest CMP video shows the CEO of the company that purchased completely intact fetuses, yucking it up over wine and lunch like she is talking about the sale screwdrivers.

DeceptiCONNED – War-hawks and ‘Murican Exceptionalists are now fond of complaining about the conspiratorial Muslim invasion to “the Continent”. What they won’t admit is that their (and Mrs. Clinton’s) original sin was the undeclared, illegal war-crime of assassinating Ghaddafi, overthrowing his regime and paving the way for the jihadi chaos that currently bedvils Libya and causes Libyans to launch 2 x 12 wooden planks as boats to brave the Mediterranean Sea and escape ISIS, HYDRA, SHIELD and whatever other villain our Spyfare/Warfare state can help create.

Darwin Was Wrong Pt I – Chris Ferrara reveals the story of a Jesuit monk who was actually making genetic discoveries in the physical world and not using the fallacious “hypothetical” that the sorcerer Charles Darwin used to explain “evolution”.



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READ: James Madison’s speech to the Congress of 2 February, 1791, opposing the creation of the National Bank (Hamilton’s scheme) for reasons that [r]epublicans should learn, memorize and be able to repeat

Listen to Mike Church’s take on the CIA’s torture scandal “Our Lady of Guadalupe Ended Aztec Torture-The CIA & “Conservatives” Brought It Back”

Read Mike Church’s essay – God and Man at Richmond-Challenging the status quo of “separation of Church and State”


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Q: Was the 14th Amendment ever ratified? A: No, and Forrest MacDonald has the proof.

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Today’s Latin Phrase of the Day:  “Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem, Good judges seek to increase (amplify) their jurisdiction

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