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Boehner Needs To Listen To Ohio, And Ohio Needs To Worry About Itself

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Video and Audio – Say hello to the newest scourge on the medical free market (if there is such a thing today) – BoehnerCare, an entity that will draw thousands of Tea Party protestors to the speakers office in Ohio today. But why are they really protesting? The Governor of Ohio has already stated that he will do the ObamaCare exchanges. So shouldn’t the actions of the state inform the actions of the representative in the Congress? But what of Boehner’s congressional district? If the state of Ohio is going along with Obamacare, then why would Boehner work to defund it?

It would be more prudent for his constituents to follow the lead of North Colorado and pursue their own political satisfaction. Imagine if Tea Partiers pursued forming their own sovereign states, writing their own constitutions and possibly electing their own pair of U.S. Senators or not and saying no to ALL of Uncle Sam’s tyrannies!?

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