Boston Bombing Is Being Used As A Push For Immigration Reform And Amnesty

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – So in other words, we need to give these people amnesty and legalize them so if they blow up a bazaar or they blow up a marathon site, we will more easily be able to track them because we naturalized them or made them legal.  That’s the justification?  Really?  Wow!  What other excuses can we make up to make illegals legal?  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I have this piece here that I was going to talk about yesterday, but we got all embroiled in the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bomber being prosecuted or not being prosecuted.  I think I mentioned this on my daily video that I film every day, Founders TV, which you can watch Monday through Thursday at  “Exclusive – Secret Emails: Cato, Norquist, Rubio Use Boston Terror Attacks To Push Immigration Reform.”  Using Boston terror attacks to push immigration reform?  That’s kind of dubious.  Is the timing right for that, really?  Let’s read a little deeper into this.



Secret emails obtained exclusively by Breitbart News [Mike: Now, bear in mind the source. Breitbart is now famous for its retractions of late.] show the libertarian Cato Institute, Americans for Tax Reform, and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) are colluding on immigration reform messaging in the wake of the Boston Marathon terror attack in order to push the “Gang of Eight” bill that was released this past week.

On Friday afternoon, political consultant Peggy Ellis of Ellis & Company, who is supporting the Gang of Eight immigration efforts, emailed “Talkers from Rubio” to the group of organizations supporting their efforts such as Cato and ATR.

Marco Rubio And His Neocon Buddies Need To Go Back And Study History

james-madison-gutzman-ad-sign[end reading]

Mike:  You know how we talk all the time about how nonprofits aren’t really nonprofits, about how nonprofits are just as involved in the corruption that takes place second by second, nanosecond by nanosecond inside Mordor on the Potomac River, they are the facilitators of government policy, they’re the ones that give cover to it?  Cato looked at this, though, and they went: That’s probably not the preferred way for you guys to legislate and take money from people.  What you want to do is do it like this.  So you pretend on the one instance to be diametrically opposed to these things, and then on the other: Well, if you’re going to do it, let me make a suggestion.  It’s one of those things like when your kid is getting ready to do something stupid and you go: All right, I tried to tell you, but if you’re going to do it, here’s what I would do.  That’s what’s going on here.


The email was headlined: “Rubio talking points re: Boston terrorists vis a vis immigration reform.” The message contained three talking points from Sen. Rubio, the first of which argued that the immigration bill would prevent people like the Boston Marathon terrorists from getting into or staying in the country. [Mike: They were discussing this yesterday, so this is from Monday actually.]

Graham, Cruz, DeceptiCONs Foolishly Oppose Hagel Nomination

“These terrorists came here under the existing system, the one opponents of reform want to leave in place,” Sen. Rubio wrote in his first talking point.

The second Rubio talking point argued that the terrorists “didn’t cross the border” to get into America.

In his third talking point, Rubio argued that authorities only know who the terrorists are because they came here legally to begin with.

article-v-pamphlet-ad“The reason we know who they are is because they were here legally,” Rubio wrote. “If they were here illegally, living in the shadows, it would have made them much harder to investigate. The fact is that today there are 11 million people already in this country and we don’t know who they are, why they’re here, and what they’re doing. That is not only an economic problem, it’s a huge national security problem as well.”

[end reading]

Mike:  So in other words, we need to give these people amnesty and legalize them so if they blow up a bazaar or they blow up a marathon site, we will more easily be able to track them because we naturalized them or made them legal.  That’s the justification?  Really?  Wow!  What other excuses can we make up to make illegals legal?  Think about this: if we make illegals legal, just think of all the revenue you guys get.  I mean, 11 million then filling out 1040-EZ forms, heading off to H&R Block every April 12, 13 and 14 to go pay render under Caesar, that which is Caesars?  Just think of the wonderful things that can happen.  We should make it easier for the entire planet to migrate here.  309 million?  309 schmillion. We ought to have 618 schmillion here.  Just think of the taxes.  Just think of the riches we would have.  Of course, you’d have a bunch of people that have nothing, no knowledge whatsoever about what being an American citizen is supposed to be about, about customs, traditions and principles, but we can’t nitpick these things can we?  I’m just amazed at the speed with which this all happens.


Ellis’s email was in response to an email conversation she had with Cato’s Alex Nowrasteh and ATR’s Josh Culling, among others, earlier in the day about the potential effects of the Boston terror attacks on immigration reform.

[end reading]

Immigration – Alien Friend or Enemy?

fabfour-shirtMike:  AG, on Friday, the day we learned the identity of the Tsarnaev brothers, this is exactly what you said, wasn’t it, that the biggest impact of the Tsarnaev brothers’ bombing of the Boston Marathon was not going to be in domestic terrorism, was not going to be in the Department of Homeland Security or any of that stuff.  The biggest impact was going to be felt and exercised in immigration, right?

AG:  Yeah.  I thought immigration and the gun control issue as to how they got their weapons would be the two big issues coming out of it.

Mike:  But the weapons issue is dead because they circumvented the law, as most lawless people do, which is what some people have been saying over and over and over again: Look, you can pass all the gun laws you want.  If the lawless are going to go around gun laws today, then the lawless are going to go around your new gun laws.  That one is dead.  The immigration thing, let’s legalize everyone just in case they decide to perpetrate some heinous act, that way we can make it easier to find them.  That’s nothing if not a novel approach and a novel marketing strategy, isn’t it?  It’s almost kind of convenient, though, wouldn’t you say?  Not to be conspiratorial, because I don’t want to be called a radical.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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Im sicken by the invasive movements seeking votes and a job! Our life quality has degraded atlage scales!!!! Nooo to amnesty!


Do not have a World of the past! We are hated by latins! Mexicans and all! WE ALL KNOW THAT!! AMNESTIES JUST ENCOURAGES MORE TO COME!
Please we need QUOTAS! And fine comb the people who wish to come in!
OUR GOVERNMENT MUST BE FOR US! Think aboutus! Protect us!!! In every which way!!
MASSES O NOT. ASSIMILATE OUR COUNTRY, THEY IMPOSE ON US THEIR WAYS! And public benefits tothem is: SANTA CLAUS TO THEM!! Why do we haveo allow an invasion of millions and encourage more!!! NOOOOOOOOOO

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