Brandon Darby – The Southern Border And What’s Really Going On

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – “Under the Customs and Border Protection, you have the border patrol agency.  Clearly, just from our own report, you can see that border patrol agents are upset.  Their morale is very low right now because they’re out there busting their rear end and a lot of times risking their lives, and basically for nothing right now.  They’re risking their lives at every one that they catch, at every one that turns themselves in or is simply being let go.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  We’ll go to the Dude Maker Hotline and say hello to Brandon Darby from Breitbart Texas.  Brandon is down on the border, filing reports back to the mothership.  Hello, Brandon, how are you?

Brandon Darby:  Hey, buddy, thanks for having me on this morning.

Mike:  Sorry to have awakened you.  Eric told me that he —

Darby:  No, it’s great, it’s fine, it’s okay.  It’s good.  I was going to oversleep.  I was stressed out.  I was going to oversleep.  I stayed up late writing.  Honestly, there’s so much going on right now and we have so much information coming in that we just can’t write it all.  There’s just not enough of us to write the information that the American public needs to know.  To compound that problem, we have an administration that refuses to allow us to know.  In fact, they came out yesterday and said that basically the privacy rights of the illegal immigrants trumps Americans’ right to know.  That’s what we’re dealing with.  Thanks for waking me up.  We have a busy day.

Mike:  Which story would you like to expand upon?  Where is it exactly that you are?  Where is here today?  Give us a city, state, designation.

Darby:  I’m actually taking two days off of the border, so right now I’m in Austin, Texas.  I was in Lubbock, Texas yesterday.  The day before that I was in McAllen, Texas.  Today I will end up in McAllen, Texas again.  Then I’m headed to Laredo.  Then I’m headed all the way up the border.  I’ll probably end up in San Diego about two weeks from now.  That’s going to be one of — I’ve been making that trip for about a year and a half trying to bring attention to this issue.

As you know, and sorry to plug my site, but at Breitbart Texas, we have this tendency lately to get private, internal intelligence reports and to leak them.  We have access to information, and it’s information that the administration — strangely we have the intelligence reports that the administration receives to determine what is going on, yet what they say is not what’s in the reports.  That’s why people are leaking the reports and getting them out to the American public.  All of the leakers I’ve spoken with say the same thing.  They say: We’re tired of putting these things together, sending them in, and then having an administration that says something completely different from what the facts are.  That’s what we’ve been doing.

We leaked one last week that was a DHS/ICE memo, intelligence analysis.  We leaked one two days ago that was from EPIC, which is widely accepted, the El Paso Intelligence Center with authority of agencies, primarily led by the DEA, but a consortium of agencies about smuggling narcotics and firearms from Mexico and Central America across the Southwest border.  That revealed a lot of data that people hadn’t seen before.  The report from the week before did the same.  Yesterday we were able to determine that a man who allegedly bludgeoned his girlfriend to death in Louisiana, and then was caught with kidnapped children in Houston, was actually someone that two weeks ago the Department of Homeland Security released because he was an incomplete family unit from Honduras.  So we were able to determine his alien identification number, in addition to the incident number when he was actually apprehended with children crossing the border.  Again, another situation where there would be a woman alive today had this government actually followed the rules and not just let someone go into the American public who we have no ability whatsoever to know anything about other than what came out of his own mouth.

Mike:  So in addition to that, what other kinds of intelligence — like are the numbers accurate for the numbers of juveniles and children that are at the tent cities, the makeshift places where they’re housing them?  I have another question.  Are there situations where there are these juveniles that are seen approaching the U.S. border and have not yet crossed it where ICE agents or CBP agents have standing orders to instruct them on where to cross and where to go?  In other words, are we saying: All right, you made it all the way here?  What can you tell me about that?

Darby:  First off, there are a couple of things with this.  You have Customs and Border Protection.  Under the Customs and Border Protection, you have the border patrol agency.  Clearly, just from our own report, you can see that border patrol agents are upset.  Their morale is very low right now because they’re out there busting their rear end and a lot of times risking their lives, and basically for nothing right now.  They’re risking their lives at every one that they catch, at every one that turns themselves in or is simply being let go.  Not everyone, but people who are from non-contiguous nations and who are either minors or come with a child.  We put out a report a couple weeks ago indicating that some people are possibly renting children or simply taking them, we don’t know.

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People have to remember that the U.S. government does not control our southwest border.  We have various regions like the Rio Grande Valley Sector, which everyone in Texas is focusing on in the nation: Look, the border is secure now.  No, there’s multiple sectors in Texas alone and only one of them is the one that we’re sending additional support to.  We have the Rio Grande Valley Sector, then the Laredo Sector, the Del Rio Sector, the Big Bend Sector, the El Paso Sector.  All those sectors are dang near wide open.  The Laredo Sector, which is the area of the U.S. border that’s controlled the Los Zetas cartel, the agents have come out, the unions have come out and said: Seventy percent of our agents are not on the border.  Seventy percent of our agents are caring for unaccompanied minors and the incomplete family units.  They’re not out there on their shifts.

You have to understand that our southwest border is not controlled by the U.S. government.  It is controlled by the Mexican cartels and the transnational criminal organizations who are operating from Mexico.  They control that border.  A little microcosm, if you take Laredo itself, the city of Laredo on the border next to Nuevo Laredo, a horrid place.  If you take Laredo and look at just the city, in the city of Laredo proper, right in the center of town by Old town, under the international bridge, that is where all of the illegal immigrants cross.  One mile up the river there are no illegal immigrants whatsoever, none.  When I asked the border patrol, I say: Why is that?  They say: The Los Zetas control the river and they don’t allow illegal immigrants to cross up there.  They funnel everybody to this one section so that all the law enforcement is here so they can smuggle their few choice narcotic shipments and people of interest up there.  I’m like: Are you serious!?  When you take that little microcosm and expand that to the entire border, it’s very clear what’s happening.  What’s happening, logically, is that the cartels who control the routes, control the coyotes, are funneling people to the southwest border, funneling people to the Rio Grande Valley Sector so that all of the law enforcement is drawn there and they have other reasons they can more easily shift narcotics and people of interest through.

Mike:  So this is a misdirection.  This is getting the attention where we want it so we can enter where they won’t be.  That’s what you’re telling me?

Darby:  That is correct.  That is part of what this is.

Mike:  A diversion.  In other words, they’re using the children as a diversionary tactic.

Darby:  It’s also a profitable tactic.  We have different estimates and some people say it takes $8,000 to get across.  I don’t think that’s accurate.  I think it takes somewhere between $2,500 and $7,000 to get across for most people.  Some people it costs a little more, depends on the treatment they want to get.  We do know, we released a report from the United Nations of the UN Office on Drugs and Crime for Central America and the Caribbean.  We released that.  It was a 2012 report, which came out last year in 2013.  What they said was that people of interest from Somalia, the horn of Africa, and other terror-prone nations were actually taking the same passageways into the U.S. as Central Americans and Mexicans, and that they roughly spend $7,500 to get from Somalia to Central America and then into the U.S.

Really it just depends on the level of treatment.  Guatemalans who have resources and want to come illegally to the U.S., they fly to Canada where Canada lets them and then they get off a plane and come into the U.S. from the north.  That’s happening, too.  The numbers for apprehensions have increased but not substantially.  They went from 17 in 2013 and I think we’ve seen 38 or 39 this year.  The numbers of Central Americans coming through the northern border is actually increasing as well.  That’s another fact that no one really likes to look at, and it’s something we haven’t actually reported yet because we’re swamped with all the breaking news from the southwest border.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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