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When Our Yanks Come Home

Hey folks its Mike Church with todays Church Doctrine.

Americans have heard the cry Yankee go home for decades but there may be a day in sight when our Yanks may actually do such a thing and the United States will be in much better shape militarily and financially. Not to mention the benefit of enjoy some domestic peace and quiet, my what a difference a decade makes.

In the aftermath of 9-11 President Bush asked us to commit to wage a war against an enemy that was elusive yet primitive. I bet when most folks heard Bushs call they never thought we would invade and occupy Afghanistan for over a decade and Iraq for 8 years. They almost certainly never imagined their government would nearly triple in size with much of that growth being in military and police state apparatus.

The men that planned and cheered on this growth believed they would have the undying support of war hawks in both parties but they didnt count on one thing: The money running out.Worse than that, when the money ran out the men in charge just printed or borrowed the difference and the Stratego party continued. Well, now that money is needed here at home and the American Sheople desperately want to get their hands on it. That means the war games must end, not gradually but with the same speed they were begun.

Let us hope that when OUR Yanks finally do come home, the men that sent them abroad find new homes as well far away from domed buildings that house seats of government and power.

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