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Caller Glen Says Stop Talking About Zimmerman And Start Talking About Obama

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Well, I think that the Zimmerman case encapsulates many issues and items people deal with on a daily basis in their daily lives, which is why people want to talk about it.  Check out today’s audio and transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  This is Glen in Tennessee.  Glen, you’re next on The Mike Church Show, Sirius XM Patriot Channel.  How you doing?


Caller Glen:  Doing great, Mike.  How are you today, bud?

Mike:  I’m feeling far out, solid, and right on, sir, thank you.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Zimmerman, The Justice Department, And States Rights

Caller Glen:  Listen, Mike, listened to all day yesterday the Patriot Channel.  All I heard all day yesterday was about this Zimmerman case.  This is enough.  We’re playing to the tune of these damn Democrats.  I can see it in my mind last night that our good old buddies Holder and Obama sitting there with a brandy glass and a dadgum cigar in their mouths last night laughing saying: How long can we keep them talking about this instead of talking about the business we need to be talking about?  Let’s get back to the NSA.  Let’s get back to the IRS.  Let’s get back to Holder getting brought up on charges.  Let’s get off this stuff.  We’re playing to their tune.  Let’s make them play to our tune a little bit.  What do you think, bud?

america-secede-or-die-t-shirtMike:  Well, I think that the Zimmerman case encapsulates many issues and items people deal with on a daily basis in their daily lives, which is why people want to talk about it.  It is overwhelmingly obvious to me, and I think to any reasoned observer, that the election of President Obama, if you want to bring Obama into it, and you can bring Obama into it because his attorney general is out there saying things that I think are — if I’m going to be as kind as I can or disingenuous, and if I’m going to be as cynical as I can — I think are disgusting.  A man in his position should exercise an awful lot more caution in this tumultuous time with this tumultuous issue than he is.

People want to talk about this stuff because it’s apparent that the racial divide — you have to remember, Glen, go back to 2007 and 2008 during the campaign.  Remember that the election Barack Hussein Obama was going to presage and usher in — some of us still remember that inauguration day of 20 January 2009 — the first post-racial president.  And he was going to be the first post-partisan president, too.  Folks, birds were going to sing, the heavens were going to open up, people’s arms were going to open wide, and everyone was going to be enamored with it.  This was going to be a paradise, a garden of Eden on Earth.  All of our racial problems and iniquities and unsettled disputes and unsettled jealousies — boy are we possessed of jealousies.  They were all going to evaporate into the ethereal.  We would all be healed.

Mike Church Show Transcript – Obamacare Is Big Government Corporatism, Not Socialism

As Gerald Warner, a great columnist for the Telegraph, as he wrote on or around January 20, 2009, this will all end in tears.  You people are setting yourselves up for the greatest letdown in the history of letdowns.  There’s no way that the election of one man, especially one with as thin a résumé and one predisposed to the kind of demagoguery that President Obama was predisposed to was going to unite, unify, pacify, and  heal a semi-divided nation of 309 million.  I think that’s largely come past.  It hasn’t happened that way now, has it?  Two elections of the first black president, yet we still have agitation out there as if not enough has been done.

To answer your question, I think people want to talk about it.  Like my old media consultant buddy Walter Sabo used to tell me [mocking] “My, Walter, if it’s snowing outside and the people are talking about the f’ing snow, shut up and talk about the f’ing snow.”  I censored that just a wee bit.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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