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Caller John Suggests Invading Alaska To Solve Oil Crisis


(Audio) Mandeville, LA -It’s Thursday but we chose to go to thephones adn if you have a problem with that then just wait until youtune in tomorrow!

We’ve got John in Louisiana on the line and he’s justa little heated at the sheer amount of money we spend on obtaining oilfrom the Middle East.

So, you might be saying to yourself: well thatdoesn’t sound that off-track, hell I don’t like all the money we spendfor that oil either. Well you’re right, and for clarification purposeswe aren’t that thrilled about it either.

The real meat and taters ofthe conversation came when John gave us his solution to the issue andit’s simple minded really, in fact we’re stunned we didn’t come up withit. All you do is invade Alaska and steal all the oil back.

Good freaking grief folks.

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