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Caller John Thinks Lincoln Freed the Slaves Personally

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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio and Transcript – On today’s audio and transcript highlight we’ve got John calling in from Virginia who thinks that ole Abe went around personally freeing all the slaves himself.  Well John, the 13th Amendment is what ended slavery and it would have to go through the House and the Senate and THEN, the most important thing, it would have to be ratified by the states. The mythology of Lincoln continues to grow but we’ll keep educating people even if we have to do it one at a time…

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    Caller John Thinks Lincoln Freed the Slaves Personally ClintStroman


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  John in Virginia, yes, John?

Caller John:  I just wanted to say that I’ve always been for safety nets, especially for the least of them.  You should always have something in place for the least of them in the country.  It always boils down to money in this country.  The military — poor whites, blacks and Hispanics, they go into the military.  The military is the largest part of our budget.  We don’t have complaints about that, in fact we want to raise that.  That is a large apparatus of where money goes to, tax dollars, etc.  A lot of those poor segments go into the military for career.  It’s there for that. There are a lot that do not do it for that reason, but there are a lot that do go in for that reason.

I just wanted to make the point, especially the gentleman mentioned Lincoln.  We don’t even realize, I think especially that voted against the president, that this guy is on the level of Lincoln in terms of being that popular.  You don’t see it right now, but when you look at the things the president has accomplished and is accomplishing, the things he’s said he’s going to do and he’s done, it compares to Lincoln.  A hundred years from now, you’re going to be having movies about this. They’ve already made movies and documentaries about him anyway.  There are so many parallels between the president and Lincoln.  Imagine Lincoln stopping slavery.  Imagine if all these talk radio shows were back then.  He would be demonized saying, “You think this guy is going to be one of the greatest presidents on a mountain and have movies made about him and documents and books?  Are you out of your mind?  He’s the worst president we’ve ever had.”  Slavery made a lot of money for a lot of people.  For him to end that, could you imagine?  That made Obamacare look like child’s play.

Mike:  First of all, Lincoln didn’t stop slavery.

Hear the story of the United States AFTER the Constitution like you’ve never heard it before

Caller John:  Oh, he didn’t end slavery?

Mike:  No, sir.

Caller John:  Okay.  What did he do?  Teach me, sir.

Mike:  Do you really want to be taught?

Caller John:  Yes, sir.

Mike:  Presidents don’t propose amendments.  States have to ratify amendments.  The states that ratified the 13th Amendment ended slavery, sir.  That’s what ended it.  Lincoln didn’t do a damn thing.

Caller John:  So you’re saying Lincoln had no role in it at all?

Mike:  He had a role in waging an illegal, treasonous war against sovereign states, participating in the slaughter of 600,000 people.

Caller John:  I’m talking about slavery, though.

Mike:  I’m telling you that the 13th Amendment ended it.  You had to have states ratify the 13th Amendment.

Caller John:  Then I asked you a question based on the statement you made.

Mike:  So the states that ratified the 13th Amendment that ended slavery.  By the way, slavery was already illegal in the states of the then-union that Lincoln was the president of.

Caller John:  I asked you a question.  You’re telling me the history that I’ve learned as far as Lincoln, his role in making sure slavery was ended, you’re saying he had no role in ending slavery at all?

Mike:  I’m telling you the 13th Amendment abolished slavery.

Caller John:  You keep repeating the same thing, but you’re trying to say that Lincoln had no tie to that.  I’m asking that question.

Mike:  No, he didn’t, because the states that ratified the 13th Amendment are the ones that would have been responsible for, number one, they’d have to craft it in the House.  They’d have to craft it in the Senate.  They’d have to approve it by vast majorities and then send it to the states to be ratified.  It is Amendment 13, “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

Caller John:  I understand you reading the 13th Amendment, but at the same time it’s not — the fact that Lincoln was killed — I’ll do more research on that.  I know that Lincoln, that’s part of the reason why he was killed.  He so fundamentally changed things that that was their only way of dealing with him.

Mike:  The history of old, dishonest Abe is more mythology than it is true.  The fact of the matter is, when the War of Northern Aggression began, Lincoln was on record — you can read this.  It’s not hard to find if you look for Lincoln and Horace Greely.  You see the exchange of letters between Lincoln and the newspaper publishers where he said: If I could keep the union together but slavery still existed, I would do it.  If I could —

Caller John:  Trust me, I’m not disillusioned by why he did it.  It was only because he wanted to use — trust me, I know that.  The fact of the matter is, just like Obamacare wants to take care of people that don’t have insurance, he wants to do that.  There’s always an underlying purpose of why you want to do something, but that doesn’t change the fact that you want to do it.  The other people didn’t see it that way.

Mike:  My point is he didn’t want to do it.  Go read the transcripts from the Lincoln-Douglas debates.  He didn’t want to do it.

Caller John:  I’m sure most presidents didn’t want to go to war, but the fact that you didn’t want to do it and your action, he didn’t stop it from happening.  He had the power to do that.  He had the power to push that and he didn’t stop it.

Mike:  How could he stop the 13th Amendment from being ratified, other than invading —

Caller John:  Come on, man.  Wasn’t the 13th Amendment written by men?  Okay, if it was written, it can be rewritten and changed.

Mike:  Okay, so he would just go find the men who wrote the amendment, kill them like he did so many southerners —

Caller John:  It’s not about finding the man.  You can change it.  Things can be changed.  Look at what the president has changed.  You don’t have to go to the original source to change something.

Mike:  Okay, John.

Caller John:  The fact of the matter is, like I said, we are living in history and you will see it.  He’s the second president —

Mike:  Oh, we’re living in history all right, the kind of history that they remember people like Mao and Lenin for.  We’re totally living in history.

Caller John:  You can twist it like that.

Mike:  Twist it?

Caller John:  Just like Abe Lincoln.

Mike:  Obama using executive privilege and executive orders that are nowhere to be found in the Constitution, that no president prior to him never used the authority, so I would surmise, sir, that the authority doesn’t exist.  He’s inventing presidential powers as he goes and you’re okay with that?

Caller John:  Yes, sir, I am.

Mike:  Why?  What happens when you become a real minority and you lose your importance and he decides to use a presidential power on you?

Caller John:  Just like you’re a white guy and I’m a black guy —

Mike:  How do you know I’m a white guy?  I didn’t surmise your race.  Why you got to bring race into it?

Caller John:  Did you say something about your website?  Okay.  That’s how I know.

Mike:  John, Happy Thanksgiving.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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Wil Shrader Jr.

Sometimes the magnitude of the palm taken to our collective faces may concuss.

Anthony Palumbo

I love that you always know how far to go into a conservation/debate, and you end it at the exact right time. No one can give a face palm like King Dude, but do it in a gentleman way.


Anthony, I WISH I knew the exact timing of these things, sometimes I just don’t want to be accused of not letting someone make their case, sometimes I am laughing so hard with the microphone off and sometimes I just get tired and think YOU must be tired of the silly arguments. Whatever the case I am grateful for your compliments!

Wil Shrader Jr.

I get tired of the stupidity of this type of caller but I always willingly suffer through it because I have faith you will smack them down in the most appropriate way, which I could not. I think you should put these callers at the front of the line to remind us what we are up against.

William Betts

Have a great Thanksgiving to you and your family, I’m looking forward to Monday morning when you provide with wit and commentary to set them weeks pace.

Scott Statham

Palm to face…oi.

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