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Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – Did a mob of terrorists kill American citizens?  Yes.  Could the Obama administration have thwarted the mob of terrorists?  I haven’t seen any convincing evidence for this unless you want to go back, again, to the original sin and you want to say that had the Obama administration and the president not participated in the unconstitutional act of war that precipitated the assassination of the leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, okay, that’s an impeachable offense.  Check out today’s audio and transcript for the rest…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  To the Free Phone Friday telephones, Leonard is in West Virginia, first up here today.  Leonard, how you doing?

Caller Leonard:  Pretty good, Mike.  First-time caller, longtime listener.  I just wanted to call about the whole Benghazi thing.  I sat around and watched the hearings the other day, right after the Libyans went into Shia CBO mode, cover Obama’s butt mode.  What I’m a little a little disheartened by is the left keeps going on all these shows and they’re likening this to Watergate.  The Republicans are saying nobody died in Watergate, that this is much worse.  The left is saying no crime was committed in this.  There was a crime committed, and it’s the same thing that happened in Boston when those kids tried to cover up for their friends.  This administration tried to cover up a crime committed on U.S. soil.  Is that not a crime?

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Mike:  Where is U.S. soil?

Caller Leonard:  Well, the U.S. embassies are considered U.S. soil.

Mike:  So this was a criminal activity.  So someone maliciously and intentionally tried to kill Ambassador Stevens?

Caller Leonard:  Yes, the terrorists.

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Mike:  Okay, so how are you going to prosecute them and aren’t they actually being sought after?

Caller Leonard:  Well, the administration tried to cover it up.  They tried to say this was just an out-of-hand riot instead of an act of terrorism.

Mike:  Okay.  Let’s just say that all of you decepticons out there get your way and we have 15 Obama administration officials strung up by their toes and sent to the federal pen for the rest of their natural-born lives.  Then what?

james-madison-gutzman-ad-signCaller Leonard:  I don’t want the administration — what I’m saying is — I’m not a decepticon.  I’m not calling for a war or anything.  What I’m saying is the right are attempting to make this look as if they’re going after somebody’s job in the administration instead of going after who they should be going after, and that’s the president.  They attempted to cover up a criminal act.  Could you imagine if George Bush tried to cover up 9/11 and said: It was just a big misunderstanding.  Some avionics equipment all went haywire and it wasn’t terrorism.  It was terrorism.

Mike:  Is the scandal supposed to be that a four-man special forces team was not sent from Tripoli to help defend the Benghazi compound?

Caller Leonard:  That’s what they’re trying to make it out to be but the true scandal is they tried to cover up an act of terrorism.  They tried to lie and say that this criminal —

Mike:  Who is they, Susan Rice?

Caller Leonard:  No, the administration.  It’s all of them.

Mike:  Oh, good grief.  So the massive cover-up that you know about — it’s such a great cover-up you actually know about it in West Virginia.  What a marvelous cover-up.

Caller Leonard:  I didn’t say the cover-up succeeded.

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Mike:  Oh, good lord.

Caller Leonard:  I said they attempted to cover it up, just like the guys in Boston attempted to cover up the crime their friends committed.

Mike:  So the Obama administration is now on a par with the Tsarnaev brothers’ accomplices?

Caller Leonard:  Did they not cover up a crime?

Mike:  I don’t know.  Sir, I am not aware that there has been a trial and that a jury has convicted anyone of a crime.  You seem to be well apprised of it.  You tell me, where was the conviction?

Caller Leonard:  There has been no conviction because the administration attempted to cover it up.  They’re just now admitting that they know who was responsible for that attack.  The guy they’re looking for has been spotted in Libya sitting in cafes, walking free.  This was a criminal act that was committed by somebody else but —

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Mike:  Did a mob of terrorists kill American citizens?  Yes.  Could the Obama administration have thwarted the mob of terrorists?  I haven’t seen any convincing evidence for this unless you want to go back, again, to the original sin and you want to say that had the Obama administration and the president not participated in the unconstitutional act of war that precipitated the assassination of the leader of Libya, Muammar Gaddafi, okay, that’s an impeachable offense.  Some of us have been talking about that since it occurred back in May or late April of 2012.  This witch hunt that’s been going on here — do you believe that if justice is done here that this is going to then — I should say what do you believe this is going to accomplish if justice is done here?

Caller Leonard:  All I’m saying is what they’re talking about is completely wrong.  The idea that they couldn’t or didn’t send help to help these guys, that’s not the crime that was committed.  The crime that was committed was attempting to cover up an act of crime.

Mike:  Who participated in the cover-up?

Caller Leonard:  We don’t know.  We don’t know who —

Mike:  We don’t know who participated in it but somebody tried to cover it up, okay.

Caller Leonard:  It had to be somebody within the administration, did it not?

Mike:  Okay.  All right.

Caller Leonard:  The people within the administration are under the president.  He shouldn’t even be held accountable for what his people do.

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Mike:  Absolutely.  He knows what all 635,000 of those employees are doing at any given point and time.  He is absolutely 100 percent responsible for it.

Caller Leonard:  Somebody should be held accountable.  This had to come from somebody higher up in the —

Mike:  Why are people so obsessed with this Benghazi thing is what amazes me. What is driving this obsession besides an abject hatred of President Obama?  That’s what’s driving this.  Do you know how many emails I get a day, Tea Party Express or Tea Party Nation or Conservative Intel or whatever it is, however I have gotten on their lists.  You know how many emails I get per day that I am solicited for cash — I have got to help these efforts.  I’ve got to support these efforts to get Obama and make him pay and make his administration pay for Benghazi.

fabfour-shirtI would like actually for the president to suffer an impeachment trial for his abuse of the authorization to use military force.  I want this so that my country and my country’s president can no longer do that.  I don’t want it because I despise Obama.  I want it because there’s not just going to be Obama.  There will be a future president who will do the exact same thing, who will not seek a declaration of war, will make war on countries that are not at war with us.  There won’t be any congressional involvement, no declarations of war, nothing that is formal.  There won’t even be a justification or an attempt to fashion a case using just war theory, nothing of the sort.  [mocking] “The president has the authority to do this and he needs to get in there and do this.”  Maybe the president doesn’t have the authority to do it.

It seems to me that we’re talking about an abuse of executive power.  George W. Bush abused executive power in the same manner that President Obama is abusing it, which leads me to believe that the next occupant of the White House is going to do the exact same thing.  If you’re looking for something to be angry about, be angry about that.  Try to stop the abuse of executive power.  How are you going to do that?  One good way would be for the Congress to assert itself and say that the president erred, the AUMF is withdrawn and is not part of our law — it’s unconstitutional anyway, or some of us think that it is — and you’re trying to kneecap and bring the executive branch into compliance.  Instead, let’s just go after Obama because Obama is Obama.  What happens when the next Obama comes along?  I don’t believe that there is much justification for this outside of that.  Some of you lawyerly types, [mocking] “Well, U.S. code…”  I suppose you can make that case.

End Mike Church Show Transcript


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I agree that the U.S. should NOT have intervened during the 2011 Arab Spring. We knew all along that those behind the Arab Spring were Muslim radicals that were only interested in gaining more power rather than promoting democracy. We also should not have any embassies in countries that are hostile towards us, such as Libya. That said, an American ambassador was murdered and it’s obvious that the entire Obama administration has done everything they can to cover up everything so I don’t really understand what your point is here. What do you mean “take the fall for Benghazi”? He doesn’t have to take the fall for Benghazi because he is clearly responsible. Again this is so obvious.


Now those of us who want to know the truth behind Benghazi are ‘Decepticons’!

Mike, The Ansar al Sharia Brigade is an Islamist terror group. The name means, simply, “Partisans of Islamic Law.” The group’s central belief is that all authority is derived from the Prophet Mohammed, that democracy is un-Islamic and that other branches of Islam, such as the Sufi, are heretical.

Please stop it with this Quaddafi nonsense.

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