Caller Patrick Thinks Obama’s Gun Control Grandstanding Was Brilliant

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    Caller Patrick Thinks Obama’s Gun Control Grandstanding Was Brilliant AbbyMcGinnis

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript – The president yesterday, I thought, had a great speech.  I was very moved by the families in the audience.  I thought the kids on the stage was very brilliant politically to point out that there was 20 kids that were killed and these kids wrote in about that.  When you listen to Joe Scarborough, who is a Fox conservative, and then you listen to what the president says, and you hear a lot of people on your show, including yourself to some degree, you all sound very crazy with your response to this. Check out today’s transcript for the rest…

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    Caller Patrick Thinks Obama’s Gun Control Grandstanding Was Brilliant AbbyMcGinnis


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  Patrick, how are you?

Caller Patrick:  Good morning, how you doing?

Mike:  I’m all right, Patrick.

Caller Patrick:  Before I get to my point, I just want to respond to the last caller.  It’s funny how the same people who are talking about how President Obama will come and want to take his guns are the same people who probably went to these Tea-Bagger rallies that had guns saying: We’re going to take back our government.  I just find that —

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Mike:  Patrick, why do you have to use the T-you-know-what pejorative?  You don’t know that man.

Caller Patrick:  I’m just pointing out.

Mike:  Please refrain from that language on my program, sir.

Caller Patrick:  Okay, I apologize to you.

Mike:  Good, what’s up?

Caller Patrick:  The president yesterday, I thought, had a great speech.  I was very moved by the families in the audience.  I thought the kids on the stage was very brilliant politically to point out that there was 20 kids that were killed and these kids wrote in about that.  When you listen to Joe Scarborough, who is a Fox conservative, and then you listen to what the president says, and you hear a lot of people on your show, including yourself to some degree, you all sound very crazy with your response to this.  I think the American people who came out and elected this man with a landslide with a mandate basically support everything he’s doing, and I agree with what he’s doing.

Mike:  First of all, he wasn’t elected with a landslide.  Second of all, calling people that you hear on this show and calling your most kind and gracious and well-educated and informative host crazy, I’d like you to inform me as to what I have said that is crazy.  Define crazy.  Crazy, to me, means there was no definitive answer to what it is that someone said.  You can’t point it out in the historical record.  It is purely of the imagination of the person that said it.  You think I’m just throwing things out from my fertile imagination that have never happened and have never occurred in the history of man?

Caller Patrick:  I think some of the things you’re saying are extreme.  What’s wrong with banning assault weapons just from that standpoint?  What’s wrong with that?

Mike:  What’s right with it?

Caller Patrick:  Because these are weapons that are meant for war, not for on the streets of a city.

Mike:  Do you even know what an assault weapon is?  I don’t even know anyone that owns an assault weapon.  The term “assault weapon” was invented by Chris Matthews and his buddies.  No arms manufacturer sells assault weapons.  They sell semiautomatic weapons.  They may manufacture for the military automatic weapons.  Can you give me the make and model of an assault weapon you want banned?

Caller Patrick:  Well, the semiautomatic assault weapon the guy used that killed the kids in the school, the same one —

Mike:  He used a rifle.

Caller Patrick:  I think that those weapons should be banned from street use.  I am a gun owner.  I have my own gun to protect my home.  I think it is sick for people to walk around the streets or basically have those weapons where they can do damage like that.

Mike:  You live in the State of Florida.  Let’s pretend we don’t have any satellites and don’t have any electronic communication.  Let’s pretend that Fidel Castro and his army are there and they decide they want Miami.  They decide they’re going to send a flotilla and land in Homestead, Florida and march all the way to Jupiter, right through your neighborhood.  All you have is a .38 Smith & Wesson to defend yourself.  Do you really think that the security of a free state relies on people having .38-caliber Smith & Wesson handguns, Patrick?  There is something to be said about the security of a free state, which is what almost every state constitution enshrines into their law.  In doing so, what they’re claiming is that the state itself is sovereign and the first right of protection of the citizens falls to the people of that state.  Then, if necessary, you call in the federal army.

Caller Patrick:  I think if Castro gets past the Coast Guard, which is federal of course —

Mike:  We don’t have a Coast Guard.  There are no satellites.  We have a Coast Guard, a couple of cutters with a couple petty officers on board?

Caller Patrick:  What about the police department that’s in the streets, Miami Police Department, Metro Dade Police Department?

Mike:  There is an army, an armada.  There’s an army against the Miami Police Department.

Caller Patrick:  So the police don’t have semiautomatic weapons to protect the community?

Mike:  When a police officer leaves his job and goes home, Patrick, what is he?

Caller Patrick:  He’s a citizen.  He’s an officer that’s off duty.

Mike:  So some citizens you want to anoint with the power to own the weapon because you think because they work for the government they’re responsible, but any crackpot lunatic that wants the same weapon, we’ve got to deny him because there may be some loose cannon screwball out there that’s going to act on his insanity.  Wouldn’t you be better off just trying to identify people who may be clinically insane and who cannot tell the difference between life and death?  Wouldn’t it be better off approaching it from that angel?  Yes, AG?

AG:  The fact that Patrick started off the conversation making the point it was politically brilliant for the president to trot out kids shows that it’s a game.  That’s pathetic, the fact that his support is somehow tied to the president trotting out a game.  I think that’s a really sad indictment of the state of affairs.  That’s not to say the Republicans wouldn’t do that same.  I think that’s very sad.  I would also question Patrick, where was all this support for gun control?  Why did it take Newtown to bring it about?  We’ve had strings of killings in Chicago for months.  In particular, I think in two weekends you had something in the high teens of people killed, yet there was not enough political capital and he wasn’t strong enough to stand on his two feet and support the gun control legislation there.  I think it’s sad, quite frankly.

Caller Patrick:  I agree with you 100 percent.  Let’s point out Trayvon Martin.  What does it say about our society that it took 20 little, beautiful white kids to be killed so horrifically in order for there to be an outrage that the president then uses his mandates he got from the election to push this gun safety?

AG:  There’s no criticism of the president from the left.  It seems as if the left will not go after him whatsoever.  It’s a hands-off, he can do no wrong.  If we bring up specific examples like this, it’s like he should have done more.  There’s no proactive movement from the left to criticize Obama.  I think it’s really sad, and it shows that it is disingenuous.

Caller Patrick:  Were you just as sad when there was no proactive criticism of Bush on the right?

AG:  On which particular issues?

Caller Patrick:  On any issue.  You’re basically saying it’s sad from the left.  We support the person we support, just like you support eh person you support.  He can’t do everything, but when things come up, what he can do, I am very impressed to see what this president did yesterday and some of the other actions he’s taken in his first term.  I agree with you that society is so screwed up that it took these beautiful kids being killed that there’s a reaction to it now.  That’s more so the society than the president.

AG:  Do you really think anything actually changes with the gun control measures he pushed yesterday?  Do you think that would actually affect anything?

Caller Patrick:  I think like he said, if it can save one life, yes.  I believe it can.

Mike:  I can save a life today, Patrick.  I can save a life right now.  Are you driving?

Caller Patrick:  Yes, I am.

Mike:  Get off the phone.  Thank you very much, we just saved a life.  People on cell phones and driving kills people.  Matter of fact, Eric, don’t take any more calls from people on cell phones.  If I can act to save one life, just one, then I am going to act.  We should not take any calls from anyone that’s driving while holding a cellular device.  It is well researched and well known that people are distracted by their phones and cannot pay attention to the road in front of them, not like someone who has rapt attention on the road and on the task of driving.

If it’s all about saving a life — that’s another thing, Patrick.  When you put the cell phone down and you meander off the road, steer your automobile toward one of Florida’s many abortion clinics.  You then exit your vehicle and stand outside in a Christian gentlemanly fashion and encourage the young ladies going inside to reconsider what it is they’re about to do and pray to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and the Blessed Mother and to God and ask whether or not any of those would sanction what it is they’re about to do.  Think about the birthday of the child that is not ever going to occur, the first birthday.  Think about the anniversary the president was droning on about.  Think about the graduation ceremony for that child that is about to meet its ghastly demise in that abortion clinic in Florida.  Think about that for a moment.  If you want to save a life, here’s how you save a life: stop aborting children.  That is one surefire way to save children’s lives.  I can guarantee you, you can save some children’s lives by not aborting them.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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Written by: AbbyMcGinnis

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Justin K

Thank you Mike and AG for having the wisdom and maturity to debate the irrational arguments of those who are willing participants of their own slavery.

Kenneth Price

Mr. Church-
First off, I would like to thank you for the outstanding job you are doing to assist people in unplugging from the Government(including myself).
I was fortunate to here this argument that ‘Patrick’ thought he could bring up to you, or possibly change your view or your listeners(yeah right!). He seemed to be so interested in watching what O had to say, why doesn’t he open his eyes to other media. I am sure you have looked at this particular video or something of the sort, but figured I would put it here so others may be able to open their eyes to this ( In this video, they show that the semiautomatic rifle was actually found in the lunatic’s car trunk. I am not trying to push the conspiracy theory of this shooting, because as we all know this is a tragedy non the less!
People who close their eyes and hope for Superman(the Government) to save them from this evil world(which this only happens in comic books and cartoons), should really think about getting themselves prepared for Communism and Marxism.
I am a father of a kindergartener, a gun owner, and a strong believer in Christ, Family, and America(And in this exact order). I will do my best to continue to keep this as such for me and my family.
Keep up the good work!
P.S. To all you lazy idiots looking for a hand out, quit standing there begging and crying, get to work. I take care of my children, I am tired of taking care of yours!

Dwayne Durant

On Friday night my wife an I picked up our two granddaughters to stay with us for the weekend. After we arrived home I was unloading the car and I brought in my carry pistol. The oldest granddaughter (four years old) saw it an asked, as she was backing up, are you going to hurt me with that? “meaning the pistol”. I instantly thought how pathetic this was that a four year old has this instantly pop into her mind, especially with a grandparent that has cared for her since she can even remember. This has to be something that is indoctrinated into her from what she sees on the news or school teachers. I told her that no, I would never hurt her with this pistol but it is for her protection. We have a lot of people in this country that believe it is okay to kill children before they are born, including President Zero. I am using this pistol to protect her from them. Later while the granddaughter was in the room I saw Zero on tv and I told the granddaughter that he was one of the evil people that believed in killing babies. My wife disagreed on my response, but I believe it is time we fight back with stronger convictions, the left is trying to use mind control on our children, we need to turn it around on them and teach them the truth no matter how distasting before it is to late.


As always, thanks for posting. I had to cut you off early on in that conversation to go to work. Darn productivity hounds interrupting my daily dose and the longest running talk radio program in the history of satellite radio. The nerve!

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