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Caller Steve – ‘Dads Need To Grow A Set And Fix The Problem’

Jefferson_Remnant_Ver_1Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Transcript“It would take an act of cultural heroism to avoid the simmering, stinking, festering cesspool that we’re surrounded by that we call a culture today.  Since it doesn’t cultivate anything other than demonism, I struggle to even call it a culture.  We’re surrounded by it.  You can’t live and place yourself in public almost anywhere, save maybe inside a church and then sometimes even there, and avoid it.”  Check out today’s transcript for the rest….

Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  I want to go back to Steve in New Jersey here on the telephones.  Steve, we were having a great conversation, I thought, about manliness and about the dignity of men, or about men taking their dignity in society seriously.  You were relaying the story about how you’ve got five kids in the house, four daughters?

Caller Steve:  Four daughters, yes.

Mike:  Four daughters and they’re watching Disney Channel and they’re watching a bunch of lunkhead men portrayed as fathers.

Caller Steve:  Exactly.  I’m all for good television.  I want to at least see a television show portray something at least moral or give a positive message.  When I see it, I don’t think it’s giving my son a positive message.  When I watch it, it’s portraying him or giving him a message that it’s okay for the male to sit back and let the world turn around him, not be involved, not take responsibility, and not own up for his actions in many ways.  That’s not how I was brought up.  I have one of those immigrant families who’s third generation here.  My dad looked at me when I was younger and said: Son, you’re going to be a father one day like I am.  You make sure you study hard, do your homework, be the best man and Christian you can be.  Be responsible for not only your life but your family’s.  He used to tell me that all the time, a very respectful, very humble man, very Christian, humble man.  He wasn’t force feeding it down my throat.  That’s the morals I was brought up with.  I’m trying to relay that to my son.  With the society and all the negative things you see on TV, the message gets watered down.  I don’t want that mentality, that immigrant mentality that I’ve learned since I can remember being lost on him.

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Mike:  It would take an act of cultural heroism to avoid the simmering, stinking, festering cesspool that we’re surrounded by that we call a culture today.  Since it doesn’t cultivate anything other than demonism, I struggle to even call it a culture.  We’re surrounded by it.  You can’t live and place yourself in public almost anywhere, save maybe inside a church and then sometimes even there, and avoid it.  It really will require some serious, serious heroism to try and avoid it.  If you can’t avoid it, then the best we can do is try and prepare the children for it, and then offer a counter example.  I think that’s the task.  That’s what really, seriously we’re being called to pick up and become champions of as fathers, as uncles, as neighbors, as businessmen, as fellow parishioners in our churches, as politicians, whatever.  It is to provide the countervailing or correct version of the story that’s not being reflected to us.

Caller Steve:  I totally agree, Mike.  You don’t hear it.  Even in the public schools — we’re blessed that a lot of the public school teachers are very conservative where I live, so they do try to teach the history in a positive historical way.  They’re not watering down what happened.  They are trying to help negate some of what’s in the textbooks, what’s heard in society.  Even though they do go to the public school, we do have some good people that are parroting my thoughts and parroting a lot of what the church believes, too.

Mike:  All you can do — you as a dad, you’ve got five kids.  In your house you’re the philosopher, the priest, and the king.

Caller Steve:  And lecturer if you ask my daughters.

Mike:  That comes under priest or philosopher.  You’re those three roles.  Notice how the most important things in life seem to come to us in threes, in trinities.  Philosopher, king, priest of the house.  Subservient from and deriving your authority by your obedience and recognition of ultimate, supernatural authority.  I think if you do that — that’s just not me jabbering on here.  I attempt to do it, too.  I’m a man.  I’m human.  I’ve failed terribly, I fear, but it’s not because I don’t try.  I don’t have enough grace to succeed, or I haven’t been blessed with enough grace to succeed or succeed as I think I should.

I really think that that is the 21st century male call.  Ladies, you need to demand this of your man.  If he’s not doing this — if you’re a wife and you’re listening to this right now and you’re going, “I wish my husband would do that,” tell him!  Tell him to do it.  Say: Buck up, pal.  Grow a set.  I think that’s all we can do.  I think that really boils down the challenge of, you want to fix ‘Murica, then that’s the place to start.  That’s in my humble estimation.  Of course, I’m probably mocking you and mocking all of the listeners who don’t do this right now, and I hate you and all them as well.

Caller Steve:  God bless you, Mike.

Mike:  Steve, thank you very much.  Back at you, brother.  Appreciate it.  [mocking] “Mike, why do you keep saying you hate everybody?”  Because according to a letter writer early this morning, I hate everyone.  That’s why I’m not as famous as all the other members of the talk radio mafia.  Maybe the other explanation could be that I don’t care.  I don’t seek it.  It doesn’t matter to me.  I would like to be semi-famous for bringing works like Life of Washington to people’s attention, and Humility of Heart and the stories of John Taylor of Caroline, but only inasmuch as you enjoy the work, not so much the author.  Clayton in Kansas is up next.  Clayton, how are you?


Caller Clayton:  I’m actually from Texas.  I’m a truck driver driving through Kansas right now.  The thing I feel like is the issue with a lot of schools nowadays is how embedded government is in our schools.  The amount of homework is reduced so a lot of families don’t know what their children are being taught at schools.  They’ve taken out the family from the school, like y’all were saying earlier.

Mike:  I can only offer a personal reflection.  I don’t think the amount of homework has been reduced, but then again, I don’t really recall how much I had.  My children receive, I think, a large amount of homework.  I don’t know that homework reduction is part — maybe where you live it is.

Caller Clayton:  Not just that but the teacher to student ratio — there’s a lot more students to teachers nowadays than there used to Planned_Parenthood_GOD_t_shirt_DETAILbe.  I’m from a very small town in Texas.  It was rare for me to have a class where I had more than 18 to 20 classmates in it.  There’s less one-on-one contact with the teachers themselves.

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Not just that, but you can’t teach certain things in school nowadays.  You can’t express as much as you want to express morally with your students because eventually that’s going to turn into teaching religion in schools, which the government is trying to stray farther and farther away from.

Mike:  I would say not only have they strayed far away from it, they have succeeded in that.  The catechism that is taught is the catechism of the American political system.  There is catechism going on.  You’re supposed to be a good little boy or girl.  You’re supposed to go to the school system as we designed it.  Go to all 15 years, soon to be 16.  Then go to four or five more.  Find yourself $60,000, $70,000, $100,000 in debt.  That’s a good start.  Then go out there and apply a craft, the few that remain here, that have not been exported out, and pay your taxes.  Have 2.1 children.  Do as you’re told, citizen, and all will be right with the world.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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