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Caller Thinks United States Should Save Kurds and Not Mexicans

Mandeville, LA – Exclusive Audio & Transcript – Pete in Chicago thinks that the United States should go help out a group of people, thousands of miles away, before helping out a country ripe with violence in our own backyard. If you want to help out the Kurds, that’s fine, go over there yourself on your own free will, but don’t desire the might of the American Military to get involved for “humanitarian” reasons. Check out today’s audio clip and transcript for more…


Begin Mike Church Show Transcript

Mike:  And if we talk about republics that have survived longer than us, you would say Switzerland.  What is Switzerland known for?  Is it known for the Swiss Air Force?  Is it known for the Swiss Rangers?  Is it known for the Swiss flights to the moon or any of that?  If you know anything about Switzerland, you probably think cheese, which is inaccurate, or you might think vaults.  People hide their money in Swiss vaults.  I only use the Swiss as an example to say that we have become a people that is, I think, by and large and in a majority sense, very occupied and preoccupied with our ability to have our way like a big bully anywhere we want because we have the hardware to do so.  In most of these instances that we talk about over and over and over on this show, it surely doesn’t protect anything, other than salaries at the Pentagon, other than salaries at Raytheon, other than salaries and contracts at naval building shipyards on the East Coast.


But you’re not supposed to talk about these things like that because then you’re bashing America.  No, I’m bashing the government that is continually putting the people’s futures at risk through these endeavors because we don’t have the money to do any of it, or not most of it anyway.  I wanted to get that in.  In Missouri, you saw this, right?

Caller James:  Yes, I did.  It was pretty amazing.  I’ve never gotten involved in the primary process.  I believe the whole thing is going to fall apart, but I thought we’ve got the system here; let’s try to do what I can within the system that we have.  It’s been very enlightening to see how doomed we are.

Mike:  So the plank stood, I assume?

Caller James:  It did.  The interesting thing is, a decepticon got elected as the chairman.  He was even trying to push the opposition to the change to just leave it, because basically it was just for District 7 and then that has to go to the state level in June.  He was basically saying, “Let’s just pass this.  Leave it alone.  It’s going to have to pass at the state level,” but those people were so adamant that they want to run around the world bombing people that they wanted to have that fight and that discussion right then and get that taken out, and not even have a chance of passing at the state level.

road-to-independence-BH-RTIDE2-detailMike:  I wonder if the question had been phrased differently, “If Missouri were a country, would Missouri want to dedicate the billions and billions of dollars that would be requisite in order to do this on behalf of the population of Missouri?”  Are the same people that proposed this, are they willing to directly tax what it actually costs to maintain the empire, to directly tax today, not running a debt or deficit up in the name of, what was the nuts and bolts of the resolution or the plank?

Caller James:  It’s currently in the Missouri Republican platform, stating that in order not to have to fight on our own soil, we will actively go out and bomb people, in a nutshell.  We wanted to delete it.  That was part of our submission of rules change.  We wanted to delete that from the Republican platform.

Mike:  This is one of the decepticon justifications for war and military campaigns anywhere in the world, [mocking] “We gotta fight ‘em over there so we don’t have to fight ‘em over here.”

Caller James:  Exactly.

Mike:  My question is, is the State of Missouri, is the same decepticon State of Missouri guy, is he willing to pass a law and to conscript first-born males in Missouri into this endeavor, first-born females if needed, and whatever tax rate is necessary to pay for this endeavor today?  That’s how I would respond to that.  No exceptions, you got a first-born male, he’s going, if he’s of age.  If not, we’ll go to the second-born.  Of course, you have physical requirements somewhere in there.  Hell, why even have physical requirements?  Let’s just make it all fair and equal?

That would be, I think, the way you respond to that, “Here’s what it’s going to cost.  Every Missourian is going to have to fork over an additional $31,000 per year.  Are you still all for it?  And it’s going to cost you a first-born son, a first-born daughter, or a second-born if they are too old.  Still for it?”  James, there may be instances where it may be existential and immediate and you may say you are for it.  Today would you say that?  I’d think the chances of that actually happening are very remote.

Caller James:  If we’d have had you there yesterday, I believe that dude would have passed.  That was a pretty powerful argument.  I can just guess, but I don’t think those people that were there would have felt the same way if they’d have looked at it from that point of view, I really don’t.

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Mike:  Now you have some ammo.  I’m glad I could help.  I think I’m probably repeating things that I’ve heard Ron Paul and others say, just organizing them into a current thought, but now you have some ammo.  Back to the telephones.  Pete is in Chicago.  Hello, Pete.

Caller Pete:  Good morning, Mike.  Quick point back to your ranting and raving about foreign wars and U.S. involvement, you might want to have a Kurdish person on next time and discuss it with them.  They probably feel it’s a pretty good idea getting Saddam out of there.  It’s not always about American interests.  Sometimes there are humanitarian interests involved.

Mike:  You’re free to be a humanitarian and go over there and fix it.  What do you say about the people in Darfur we didn’t go aid and assist, various places in Africa where there are problems?  What about places in South America where there are unbelievable campaigns of death and destruction?  Hell, what about in Mexico?  Where’s your interest in Mexico, Pete?  They’re a lot closer than the Kurds, aren’t they?  Shouldn’t we be doing something with our magnificent military and our military planning skills and our nation planning skills in Mexico?  Shouldn’t we be shutting down the drug war, drug lords, drug barons and all the stuff that’s happening in Mexico?  Isn’t the human tragedy of people dying at the hands of these murderous barbarians in Mexico worthy of our consideration?

Caller Pete:  Yes.  If I could, are you going to take all the time?  You’re such a simpleton.  Yes, we should be there.

Mike:  Oh, I’m a simpleton for thinking outside the box but you’re the majoritan?  That’s rich.  Mark this one down for a transcript.  Please explain to me.  Explain to me the world view I ought to have, Pete.  As “We Are the World” Michael Jackson, we are America.  What view should I have?

Caller Pete:  Mike, it’s not only the view of the 18th Century.  Yes, we should be in Darfur.  Yes, we should be in Mexico.

Mike:  We should?

Caller Pete:  We don’t have to be there 30 years.  There are other ways of fighting these wars, maybe from 30,000 feet up or have an effective UN.

Mike:  What if you inadvertently bomb someone from 30,000 feet that you’re purported to save?  Collateral damage?  That’s okay?

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Caller Pete:  No, not with these smart bombs it’s not.  I’m saying there’s other ways of looking at this.  You can’t just say it’s all in or all out.

Mike:  I just hate to rain reality on your parade here, fantasy, but I believe the majority view and the way we are currently doing things is the way you’re describing it.  My view is the one that’s not being tried.  Does the morality of the 18th Century go out of style?  Does the morality of the 1st Century go out of style, too, Pete?

Caller Pete:  The way people move around the world have gone out of style.

Mike:  I asked you about morality.  I thought conservatism was about things that stand the test of time, the eternal good things.  Did they go out of style?  Is it because there were conflicts or troubles around the world?

Caller Pete:  No, I think morality has always been pretty consistent.  I don’t think our founding fathers had the ability to send a nuclear warhead across the world like we do today.

Mike:  Pete, I have to go because the clock is going to cut us off.  I’m not cutting you off.  I am more than willing to continue the conversation, we’ll just have to do it on a different day.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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