Carville: Best Thing For Democrats is for ObamaCare to be Overturned

todayMarch 29, 2012 2

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    Carville: Best Thing For Democrats is for ObamaCare to be Overturned ClintStroman

James Carville thinks the best thing that could happen for the Democratic party is for the Supreme Court to overturn ObamaCare. The thing is? He’s right. If they do overturn it then the Democrats will have something to campaign on… How the Republicans stopped everyone from getting their Health Care and what we have to do now to save. And the street goes both ways, if it passes, the Republicans will be able to campaign on how terrible the mandate is. Everyone wins by losing. Check out more in today’s transcript and this clip from the Post Show Show.

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    Carville: Best Thing For Democrats is for ObamaCare to be Overturned ClintStroman

Begin Transcript:

Mike:  So what he’s talking about is earlier I was making the analogy that regardless of what side of this you fall on, the Supreme Court has a Christmas present for you in June.  So if you’re an Obamabot zombie out there roaming the countryside, looking to consume other people’s wealth and brains, you want the Obamacare law overturned.  That’s right, you want it overturned.  That way, the President has something to campaign on and something to accomplish in the second term.

If you’re a Republican, a partisan Republican neocon, decepticon hack, you want Obamacare upheld.  You want that so that way you have something to campaign on.  [mocking]  “Well, you’ve got to give us a Republican President, Republican Congress and Republican Senate and then we’ll get in there and you just wait and see, Mr. Church.  Scott Brown is gonna do it.  He’ll get in there and they’ll fix it.”  That will give you an excuse or something out there to campaign on.

So both sides actually should be, politically speaking, should be arguing or cheering for the opposite outcome than the one that you would ostensibly think they should be cheering for.  AG was saying that James Carville, the former Clinton Administration advisor, and he ran Clinton’s campaign, that James Carville was saying something very similar to this on the Clinton News Network yesterday.  Of course, if you don’t know this, Carville lives here in Louisiana.  He lives with Mary Matalin, his wife, in New Orleans.  As a matter of fact, AG, he goes to the same studio that they send me to for Lou Dobbs.  The first time I went I went, “Wait a minute, I know that backdrop.  This is where Carville comes.”  Of course, the guy who runs his studio, the uplink studio, goes, “Oh, yeah, James is a great guy.”  I did my Carville impersonation for him and he goes, “That’s pretty good.”

AG:  We’ll just have you sit in for him next time.

Mike:  I could sit in – well, I’m not shaving my head.  [mocking Carville] “And, and, and, Republicans gonna own this.  What gonna happen is ya gonna have a bunch of people out there gonna be lookin’ for healthcare.  They ain’t gonna have no healthcare.  If they ain’t got no healthcare, they gonna blame Republicans.  The President, if he got any sense, actually want this law to be overturned, and the President probably gonna get second term.  And, and, and . . ..”  Let’s see how close I was to Carville’s actual statement.

Wolf Blitzer:  Let’s say it is overturned, James.  What’s the political fallout from your perspective?  What’s going to happen?

James Carville:  I honestly believe this.  This is not spin.  I think that this will be the best thing that ever happened to the Democratic Party.  I think healthcare costs are gonna escalate unbelievably.  It’s 2012 and 20 out of 100 people are over 65.  By 2020, it’s gonna be 26.  You know what the Democrats are going to say, and it’s completely justified, “We tried.  We did something.”  Go see a 5-4 Supreme Court majority.  The public has these guys figured out.  Our poll shows half think the whole thing is political.  They overturned an election.  Just as a professional Democrat, there’s nothing better for me than to overturn this thing 5-4.  Then the Republican Party will own the healthcare system for the foreseeable future.  I really believe that.  That is not spin.

Mike:  “I really believe that.”  He was being mild-mannered yesterday.  Usually he would throw in dead or starving children underneath overpasses, living underneath overpasses and living in Maytag refrigerator boxes, or Kenmore refrigerator boxes, or Whirlpool or GE refrigerator boxes.  But he’s right.  He’s absolutely correct.  [mocking Carville] “And, and, this is the best thing to ever happen for the Democratic Party.  All the Republicans gonna be out there and they gonna own the healthcare system.”  That’s funny.

It’s the libtards party — and folks, I have to put my Republican hat on for just a moment.  Believe me, I will not get stuck in costume.  But let me put my Republican hack hat on.  This is exactly what Roger Ailes ordered.  Roger Ailes could not have ordered a better turnout than this.  This is exactly what big media wants.  This is exactly what both parties want.  Truth be known, they’re all rooting for defeat.  As I pointed out, they must have the defeat in order to have a cause to fleece you from another couple hundred million dollars to finance a campaign, fund the budget talks at The Heritage Foundation and The American Enterprise Institute.  John Bolton will be going coast to coast here, talking about this or that or the other.  There will be scholars programs for how to deal with Obamacare.

If you’re in The Heritage Foundation right now, admit it.  The best thing that could ever happen to you, best thing, is for Obamacare to become law.  This provides you decades of material, decades of scholarship and study which you can sell to a starving public that wants to know how they can escape from under, how the law can be made better by steely-nerved free market conservatives.  You’re fighting a losing battle, ladies and gentlemen.  Again, when you see that both the political hack sides both have something to gain from loss and little to gain from victory, and you probably see where this is going.

There’s an interesting post at Lew Rockwell.  AG thinks this is a little cynical and negative, so I won’t read the whole thing, but I’ll share with you the overall gist of it.  It basically says that in order for the Supreme Court and the federal monster to remain a threatening menace, but not too threatening of one, then Obamacare needs to be struck down.  If it’s struck down, the people will go, [mocking] “See, see, democracy works.  See?  It’s okay.  We can trust them.  We can give them another 200 years.  They can’t screw us anymore.”  James Ostrowski writes:


I have a cynical view of constitutional litigation.  The Supreme Court acts in its own self-interest in two ways.  First, by sanctioning continual government growth.  That’s what those who install the judges want.  Second, by maintaining a sense of legitimacy that gives that sanction credibility with the public.  To sum up 200 years of cases—basically government growth wins unless sanctioning it would threaten the regime itself.

[end reading]

Mike:  That’s the part that I think is actually correct.  AG, that’s what you just heard Carville say, that sometimes losing his political battles — he said he’s a — did you hear what he said?  He called himself a professional Democrat.  Did you catch that?

AG:  I did catch that, yeah.

Mike:  Would it then follow that there are professional Republicans?

AG:  I would agree.

Mike:  So then my oft-stated opposition to parties now can be brought into crystal clear view.  Yesterday when I intoned and held a little soliloquy here, a solo, and told you that this is really all about money, not about socialism or Marxism any more, it’s really about money.  You just heard Carville basically admit it.

AG:  Would you have professional third-partiers as well?

Mike:  I think you do have professional third-partiers.  They’re not really third-partiers.  They’re professionals and they either decided they didn’t want to be part of the hack establishment or they were not accepted as part of the hack establishment, because they may have been too challenging of what the hack establishment is doing, has been doing, and will continue to do, which is ensure that the federal monster and that the specter of runaway government remains a part of our life.  It’s good for business.  It’s a freaking business.

End Mike Church Show Transcript

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