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Catechize. Organize and Clusterize. Stand With Randers Will Not Luz With Cruz

Mandeville, LA –  Now the gambit is “Paul’s supporters will likely go to Cruz”. Ummm, no Ron or Rand supporter I know of has any interest in the demagogue who parades his unJust War brutality with threats to “carpet bomb” villages where ISIS or HYDRA or ACME might lurk and then “see if sand can glow in the dark” for a nuclear encore. The thought of “supporting” a candidate who was never and sans a Constitutional amendment will never be eligible for the Presidency should be bane enough for “conservative…constitutionalists”. What a joke these late blooming, 14th Amendment lovers (the Miracle Amendment that sanctions baby killing and sodomitical marriage now makes Canadians “natural born citizens”) are. The end result of their duplicity is: does the Art I Sec 8 Commerce clause say that… YEP, see Amendment 14 and “precedent”. Monkeys on cocaine in hot tubs with… yep, see SCOTUS decisions on the bureaus’ prerogative.

“Voting for the lesser of two evils” will be shoved in our faces, rubbed on our noses like yesterday’s Courage the Cowardly Dog’s meal but don’t take the poisoned-bait. Catechize…Organize…and Clusterize. I’d like to hear Senator Glow-a-lot’s view on parishes, towns, counties and states withdrawing our consent. Something tells me, both the unNatural Born Citizens would channel their government hero, Lincoln, and appoint General “Grate One” to “preserve the Union;” one can almost hear “Ambassador Bolton” lusting after the sight of our carcasses!

There was a 1980’s James Garner (good ol’ OU Sooner!) film called “Tank”. I say we join Tanks with the Benedict Optioners and give this a go.

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Brilliant. I love how you put this. keep up the good work.

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