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Too Catholic (AND “Hateful) For Satellite CRUSADE Channel Radio

Mandeville, LA – Just as I predicted during Chris Ferrara’s appearance on today’s Mike Church Show: “Chris, lemme tell you what the end result of Church/Ferrara Apologetics Convention 264 is going to be: hatemail, directed at me, calling me all manner of names including hateful, spiteful, mean etc…”


Oh Happy Lenten mortification, I LOVE being proven right. I’ve redacted any reference to the letter writer (the note was posted publicly WITH name attached to but I unpublished the note with my reasons stated below.) Libertatae Lent peccatorum!

I became a Founders Pass Member because I truly believe you have an instrument here to help lead more people to their eternal salvation through great teachings & to open their eyes to the truth of our once great nation.

Sadly I continue to hear the berating of believers who are not of the Catholic faith. There is no quicker way to turn off someone than to berate them. People need to know they have a chance and they need to be lead by gentle and loving means. To love one another.

You have indeed opened my eyes. Your ways are not that of the loving Jesus Christ, who IS my Lord and Savior.

I’m will be cancelling my Founders Pass immediately. And while I pray for this to turn around for you, I’m afraid you have already done too much harm with the hateful attitude toward your fellow Christians. Most definitely not a Christ-like attitude.

Good Day,
R. M.

I RESPOND (respondit RexHomine)

Dear R.,
I apologize for the offense you have taken and understand your cancellation, please forgive me. I have deleted your comment from the site because your beef is with me and to publish this as a charge that all can see and that will thus apply to all is not fair to them since I am at fault.

Thank you for the humiliation delivered in your note, I pray it will chasten me against future offenses though no offense or “hateful attitude” was intended. If there was hatred heard, R., it was hatred for error which is the purpose of Catholic Apologetics (what I was trying to do and you are taking flight from). “The closer the apologist grows to God in prayer,” writes apologist (and president of Ignatius Press) Mark Brumley in How Not To Share Your Faith, “the more intense his hatred of error and his desire that all men know the truth; the more intense his desire to use apologetics to help bring people to the truth.”1 I concur with Saint Thomas Aquinas on my goal of Apologetics:

“I have the confidence to embark upon the work of a wise man, even though this may surpass my powers, and I have set myself the task of making known, as far as my limited powers will allow, the truth that the Catholic faith professes, and of setting aside the errors that are opposed to it. To use the words of Hilary: “I am aware that I owe this to God as the chief duty of my life, that my every word and sense may speak of Him”.2

Deo Gratias, thanks again for giving me the chance to serve and entertain you, I pray we shall correspond again someday under happy circumstances and will pray for you daily. Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi!

Mike Church

1 Be A Catholic Apologist Without Apologizing – Carl Olson, Sunday Visitor

2 St Thomas Aquinas – Contra Gentiles, Book I

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